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With L'Oreal Skin Expert Skin Perfect, we have skincare for every age!

L'Oreal skin expert  skin care Skin Perfect for 20s, 30s and 40s impression, price, photo, information.

Some brands do work for some. I have a similar opinion of L'Oreal. Except for the drugstore haircare range, L'Oreal suits me extremely well. I have had great results with their UV Perfect Tinted moisturizer, and the non-tinted version as well; I loved their BB Cream and their Laser Revitalift Collagen Cream. ( Links attached) and all of them worked great. Naturally, when I learned about the launch of this affordable line which begins at 99 INR, I got pretty excited.

L'Oreal Skin Expert Skin Perfect 20+, 30+ and 40+

Then, one morning arrived this huge box! It contains all the three creams for each age
group and meant for all skin types. I love the concept.

Photo and price of L'Oreal skin perfect skin care range
L'Oreal Skin Expert Skin Perfect

 Instead of delving for particular skin creams for skin types, we could just pick up on-the-go , without having to think much about it. All the creams contain SPF21 PA +++. So, under any circumstances, one wouldn't have to walk around without minimum sunscreen.

L'oreal India skin perfect photo and price
L'Oreal Skin Expert Skin Perfect

The full size of the cream for 20+, 30+ and 40+ are priced at 325 INR,425 INR and 595 INR respectively which is affordable.  Moreover, there are also trial sizes available so that your dough is not wasted ( in case these don't work or in case you are travelling). The 20+ cream comes for 18gm tube at Rs.99 and the 30+ cream 18gm tube for Rs.149.
L'Oreal Skin Expert Skin Perfect

I have been trying out the 20+ for quite sometime now. So, wait up. The review would be up in a day or two.
In the mean time, stay tuned.