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My acne and pimple story: How they made my life miserable

How acne and pimples undermined my confidence in my teenage years and how they tend to be a part of my life even today!
Along with some good genes, I have genetically inherited oily skin which is extremely acne and pimple prone and yes, both of my parents have passed it on to me. Anyway, it seems acne and pimples ruined my teenage years and continue to do so even now. How?

 Back in the last decade of the century,there were no face washes. Once I reached teenage years, huge hillocks of pimples would push their heads and pop! There it would be, an angry looking breakout.

Back in those days, I had no idea of how to take care of my skin and as kids, would be out in the midday sun playing ( in school of course). To sum up, oily pimple prone skinned girl, out in the summer sun and no skincare products in the market... can you imagine?

Making matters worse, I had cystic acne.

Coming to social life. I fail to understand if pimples are uncommon; else, why do
people point out as ask, " Is that a pimple you have?" It felt either they are stupid or mean and I am still trying to figure that out.

I remember, I would be terribly embarrassed at school, at social gatherings where everyone would happen to notice ( and how can they not?) and talk about it and come up with useless suggestions! In fact, I would dread going to get-together and it was consistent because pimples would systematically take turns to make their presence known in my life.

It is actually because I wanted to get over the embarrassment that I started experimenting with skincare products. Luckily, around 2004, skincare products like various face-washes, sunscreens, etc. started to enter the market. Honestly, even if they were not the best, I started noticing the difference. And of course, the people around me noticed it too.

Today, I do not get those big pimples. My skin is oily, but it still looks glowy. I do get compliments for the texture. Yes, I am scarred forever ( not metaphorically, but because I do have those acne scars). Yet, apart from some acne, my skin is way better and yes,  no matter what people say, I would keep experimenting with products.

A ray of happiness!

Around 4 years ago, I had visited my parent's dermatologist. My father complained to him that I experiment with a lot of products. Having examined my skin, he rather exclaimed given I have derived issues from both my parents, my skin is way better than what it would be otherwise and concluded whatever I was doing, my skin was responding well. That makes me brave! And of course, that makes me happy!

This post is an entry to an indiblogger contest, though the story is completely mine. LOL.