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Some like it HOT! I miss summer and detest winter. Here is why...

What I like about summer and why I miss it? And why do I dislike winter? 

I seem to be going back to my old mode where I couldn't stop the chitchats. It's cold here in Calcutta. The mercury has dropped to 11 degree Celsius. This might throw you into a fit of laughter, but this is how cold it gets. For  Kolkata, it's cold. In order to say it's cold, I don't want to compare it to Antarctica where I don't live. But here are things I love about summers:

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A quick selfie on a hot summer day! ( And no makeup)

#1 I am warmer. I think there are people who tend to feel more cold and I am one of
them. My hands and feet would actually freeze and get so cold that I lose sensation. That's not a pleasant feeling. In summer, if I feel too hot, I would take a long shower. I am so prone to cold and flu that I have always been bathing in lukewarm water. But, bottom line, nothing compares to a complete hair and body wash and then lying under the fan letting the hair air dry.

#2 No layers of clothing. Because I feel too cold, I tend to layer up in winters. In summers, I can grab whatever I can get hold of.  I won't have to shiver while I change.

#3 Yes, I am blessed ( I am serious here) that I do have air conditioning ( which I hardly turn on because I simply feel strange. I mean, my room is small and AC feels too cold even at 25 degree Celsius). And I don't really have to go out much and be outdoors. So, why should I complain about it?

#4 My skin behaves better. Winter makes my skin dark, dry, and I hate dunking in moisturizers, creams, sunscreens and what not!

#5 I miss facials masks. They are the little treats over my extremely hectic schedule and I love putting on a  face-pack, lying under the fan with a dim light on. BLISS!

#6 Winter means, even if I want to, I can't wash my hair everyday. It would get sticky in no time. And boy! It's cold!

That's it! That covers more or less of everything. Do you prefer summers over winters? Honestly, I love monsoon! Now, that's unexpected while I have been so talking about summers. Isn't it? I am a woman and that gives me the right to say unexpected things. Stay tuned for summer.

What do you like about summer? Or do you like winter? Leave a comment.