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The Body Shop Nutriogranics Drops of Youth Serum proves that beauty can come in a bottle, but with a price tag.

The Body Shop India Nutriogranics Drops of Youth Serum photo, price and review

If you read my blog, you would know that I had attended the Body Shop event where The Drops of Youth Face serum and eye serum were launched. I used it for sometime and voila! I am amazed!

The Body Shop Nutriogranics Drops of Youth Serum Photo review
The Body Shop Nutriogranics Drops of Youth Serum

[ At the event, I had told the brand manager that if I did not like the products, I would
say so. She was silent for sometime and laughed and said," We are extremely confident about this line. So, I think you would not have the chance to say otherwise." Looking back, I see the point of her confidence.]

Back to the product,

Texture, etc. and how I use it? It's the first time that I used a serum. The serum looks like a dense oil sans the oiliness and spreads around beautifully. I have tried using directly and then following up with a moisturizer. But, I feel it works better when mixed with the moisturizer. The moisturizer becomes easier to slather and I feel that way the serum absorbs better and I feel I need lesser amount of the serum. ( It's a personal preference in any case.)

The Body Shop Nutriogranics Drops of Youth Serum

I normally mix just one drop of the serum with either my Clean and Clear skin Balancing Moisturizer or with any other liquid lotion I use before bed.



 In just ten days, ( yes, you read it right), my skin was looking radiant,smooth, supple and the marks were fading away. The acne was fading away thanks to the combination of moisturizer and The Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum.

My mum and my sister asked me to continue doing to my skin whatever I was doing because my skin looked so beautiful and supple! There was something radiant which I cannot exactly point out, but it did definitely look and feel better.
So, the product is definitely effective I would say.

I had used it constantly for about 21 days and more than 3/4th of the serum is still left in the bottle.

What I did not like?

First, the price. It costs around 3000 INR or $50 for 30 ml! That's so pricey! But then, I know the product is effective and if you are using only in the night time, a bottle would last you probably for for 6 months. But the idea of shelling out that much distresses me. I mean, I see the point , but it's not something I can afford to regularly buy.

The glass bottle packaging. The bottle in itself is quite handy. There's a dropper which gives you control over how much you pick up. But the glass bottle in inconvenient to carry around and makes me anxious to be extra cautious lest I let it fall and break it.

One of my blogger friends, accidentally dropped her's and the bottle was shattered. It can happen to anybody. Most of us are guilty of dropping things. So, this is the only real complaint I have against the whole product. I hope the brand takes a note because this is a serious issue.

Shall I repurchase? If I find this on discount I would definitely buy and always keep a bottle handy for use when my skin feels tired and needs some pampering.

Do I recommend? If you can afford, I say don't give a second thought. Just grab!

Have you used The Body Shop Drops of youth Serum? What other serums have you used?