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The changing trends in YouTube I have been loving: Confessions of a YouTube beauty-video addict

The changing trends in YouTube I have been loving: Confessions of a YouTube beauty-video addict
For a person who fell in love with cosmetics but have no clue about how to use them in various ways, YouTube had come to rescue. I have been watching beauty gurus for at least 6 years by now. Like me as blogger, the gurus have been evolving too in terms of the kind of videos they make, the products they use, the tutorials they cater. And here are a few things I observed.

Trend #1 Previously, there used to be a lot of makeup looks with a lot of makeup!
If you are confused, there used to be so many tutorials to create looks and there were too many products and colors used. Say, most of the eye makeups would comprise of at least 4 colors ( often from the same family) and it would be an extremely elaborate one.

But now, even the YouTuber who would use at least six colors to create an eye look would perhaps stick to three or four au maximum.

I have always wondered, since nobody is going to really come up that close or shoot photos of your eyes for magazines, do we need that much of perfection and effort? Come on, for my part, I have small hooded eyes and on top of that I wear glasses. The makeup gets hidden in any case. Even if I did not have such eyes, do I really need 6 to seven colors? I think in real life it doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

 Trend #2:   It's more about a person than a guru. Look-books are now lesser: Previously, every guru would religiously create a lot of looks and complete her look books and tutorials would follow. But now, it's more like a mixed bag. There would be hauls with swatches, monthly favorites( which I personally love), monthly empties, declutter, skincare favorites and of course some tutorials between.

 Trend #3 Workout regime: People are definitely turning toward a fitness regime which myself, a couch potato, watch religiously.

 Nah! I am not that bad. I used to enjoy brisk walking. But my long term illness had completely debilitated me and my knees are frequently giving way and they ache like anything. Things are getting better and I hope to be completely fit. I would be sticking to a fitness regime then.

Trend # 4 Healthy eating: Gone are the days when you would starve to stay lean. Healthy snacking along with a fitness regime is the new fad. Love your body.

For myself, I am loving the changes. What about you? Any particular trend you have observed and have been loving?