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Don't keep your date waiting. Grab a Maybelline's Valentine's Day kit to get ready in a jiffy.

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Valentine's Day is here and since the man is still abroad, I might just keep lazying around. But, for most of you, if you cannot decide on your makeup, keep an eye on these kits from Maybelline. Maybelline has thoughtfully assorted quite a few pieces of

Valentine's Day Pink  Makeup Bag Maybelline
If you are thinking why the teddy looks so battered, this teddy is 20 years old!
makeup which are well synchronized. So, you can peacefully anticipate your time with him without worrying about your makeup. And no, it's not one pair of shoes which
should fit all. There are themes. In case you want more of pink, here is a Pink Bag. There are also  Red and Coral themed bags. So, depending on your outfit, you can choose the one you want.

Pink Makeup bag from Maybelline
And this is what the bag contains

I have received a pink bag and here is what I have inside.

1 Bold Matte Lipstick 425 INR
1 Hypercurl Mascara ( washable) 275 INR.
1 Colorshow Nail Polish Hooked on Pink 85 INR.
1 Turquoise Colossal Kajal 249 INR.

The products value is 1224 INR, but you can get this for 999 INR. Not a bad deal either. Huh?

Maybelline Valentine's Day special
Isn't it impressive?

A note to gentlemen: In case, you are a man, and want to add something more to the presents, get hold of a bag like this. I know you have been baffled by the endless number of pinks, or reds, and colors which look all the same to you which is why you shy away from what makeup to buy for her. This solves your case.