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L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+ Skin Cream with SPF21PA+++ has the potential of being 'that' cream I need in summer.

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+ Skin Cream  with SPF21 PA+++ for all skin types review, price, photo.
I had talked about the recent Skin Perfect launches from L'Oreal Paris. Since these creams are to be used according to the age group, I have started with the 20+. Don't ask my age. I am a lady. :D
l'oreal skin care age 20| L'Oreal Skin Perfect Cream Review 20+
Some how the photo is giving me a verve of winter-coziness.

As usual, I would try to readily dive into the review.

Sunscreen factor: The first thing I look forward in any day cream is the SPF and PA
factor. My skin burns very easily and my skin is sensitive to the sun. So, SPF is non-optional. Even though this cream does not contain SPF30, but contains SPF21 and PA +++ which is a complete protection against UV B. That way, I was readily impressed.
L'Oreal Skin Perfect 20+ Skin Cream with SPF21PA+++ Photo| Review L'Oreal Skin Perfect 20+ Skin Cream with SPF21PA+++
Just to give you an idea about the texture of L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+ Skin Cream with SPF21PA+++

Texture and Moisturization: The texture feels heavy in the pot, but not on the skin. But, it has something dusty suspended in the cream which feels slightly gritty... like some kind of dust has been mixed in it. It spreads and blends well and does not leave any white cast on me.

It does not hydrate or moisturize much. This cream is meant for all skin types, but I feel the target users should be those with oily skin. I have combination skin which is dry now. I use this on top of rich and hydrating moisturizers and have no issues. My skin gets oily in it's normal course or three or four hours. So, dry skinned beauties would definitely need something more to experience the benefits.

Ingredients to be noted: It contains talc, in case you want to know. It also contains salicylic acid which is good for acne.

l'oreal skin care by age 20+

Result: It's been only two weeks that I am using. So, the effects are hard to tell. BUT, there are definite things I observed. The cream feels soothing on my skin and imparts a matte effect. My skin brightens up instantly though the effects are not long lasting enough. I don't know if it's the whole routine or the cream which is working in my favor, but most of my zits are now gone as are the red marks left by some recently irritated acne. The redness around my nose also seems to have calmed down.

The not so impressive part: The presence of talc and the 'whitening' tag. L'Oreal professes the worth of a woman. In India, where women's beauty is mostly judged by her skin color, I hoped L'Oreal would not get into the game and play by the weakness. I hoped L'Oreal, being a big brand and armed with their slogan, could be helpful in making the Indian women more confident by helping her feel more beautiful irrespective of her color.

Verdict: I am liking this cream and would specially recommend to oily-skinned beauties who are neither allergic to talc or salicylic acid. Dry-skin would definitely require some moisturizer underneath.

Shall I repurchase? That I would decide once I finish the pot.

I am also planning to try the 30+ one and come up with some 'impressions' and not 'reviews' since I am not the fittest person to judge.

PR sample. Honest review.


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