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My Envy Box of February: Did infuse the mood of love.

What's inside My Envy Box of February?| My Envy Box of February| My Envy Box February 2015

Needless to say, in February, the mood of love was in full swing. The man is still abroad; but My Envy Box 2015, still did send in something I really felt is romantic.
This month's box does look special. It is black with white and red motifs associated with the mood of romance and is designed by Ms Malini ( Google her. :P ). So, what my box contained?
My Envy Box of February 2015
Black is in again!

Right when I opened it, my room was filled with beautiful scent of roses. As if, there
were roses everywhere. Right then, it lifted my mood. And no, it's not the nauseating kind of rose-scent, but beautiful which I keep smelling over and over again.

My Envy Box of February 20115
And so is Pink!

Inside, there is a pink bag and they actually did what I have been doing all along! They out a string in the bags and now the bags can be used as pouches!

What's inside?

The regular discount coupons with directions and ingredients and the like. But there is also a gift voucher from H2O which is itself worth Rs500.

H2O gift Card MEB
My Envy Box of February 2015
That's heartbreaking, because none of the participating stores are here in Kolkata. I really wish the brand impart a little more of love and care and have the cities in mind. ( I may giveaway this coupon, though I am clueless about how it works.)
I also have a Sephora makeover coupon which I can't use anyway.

Sephora Gift Card
Sephora Gift Card

As for the products:

February Samples My Envy Box 2015
This is what's inside! I am liking this.

SkinYoga Post-workout Neem purifier: I am more of a couch potato. ( not really). But, since I am doing some free hand works outs and summer is here. So, I thi8nk it's going to be specially useful.

 A full size of Live Your Now Nail polish: Haven't heard of this brand before. But the color is pretty I think.

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Youth Serum: The full size comes in 30ml size and is damn expensive. This little vial has 7 ml of it and I would say I am happy with it. 7 ml should last me quite a few uses.

Calvein Klein Perfume Vial: I am loving these vials. They are so easy to carry around. By now, I have collected quite a few and these are really handy!

My Envy Box of February 2015
A closer look at the samples inside My Envy Box of February 2015

But the second best thing which made the box really special?
 Vana Vidhi Rose Petal Bath Salt! The bath salt smells divine and it's the one which, even from the closed lid glass jar,every time I open it, fills my room!! I am head over heels and this is the first time I regret not having a bath tub!

Overall impressions, I think, along with a few other months' boxes, this is one of the boxed which impressed me. I am not into value calculations ( even by that calculation, this box is impressive because the serum itself, by quantity, is worth around 1000 INR), but this one really really made my February Special.

Box by the brand; opinion my own.