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Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo is the solution to the perfect winged liner.

Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo Felt Tip Pen price, review, swatches.
I have always been intrigued by Eyeliner Stylos. I had previously used a Chinese one which  dried up in about a month or two. I have also seen stylos around, but having heard negative reviews, I always skipped them. This time, Oriflame had sent in quite a few products from their latest launch. You have already read the review of the

Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo  Review| Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo  Price
Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo
foundation, mascara ( First review here and  second review of the mascara heresecond review of the mascara here), the Ultimate Lipsticks ( and their swatches) and
now it's the turn of the stylo.

My Experience:
A stylo actually means 'pen'. So, calling a pen 'pen' would be stupid I think. But it looks more like a fine pointed sketch pen.
Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo
Black and Blue

Let me begin by saying, I have quite a steady hand with eye liners, especially the brushes and I am most comfortable with them ( they never poke). So, I always tend to press the felt tips on the eyes and eventually hurting my skin and not doing justice to them.
Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo
Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo

I tried doing winged liners on my bare eyes. I started from the outer corners measuring out the length and then, started thickening the line.  By far, I got the best winged liners! I mean, it was so easy!

As for the staying power, the liner dries up in a few seconds. But, on splashing water, I found it melts and does make a mess which a face wash would clean away. So, don't do frolicking in the sweaty summers or pouring monsoons. ( I don't mind because I am shunning all waterproof eye makeup).

It's pretty intensely pigmented and has a slight glossy finish.

Swatches of Oriflame the One Eye Liner Stylo

I don't recommend using it with eyeshadows underneath because I feel the powders stick to the nib and would dry out easily. Plus, it hampers the application.

Verdict: If you are messy with brushes, give these stylos a go. They are deep and dark and would give you the precision and control. Here is a good eyeliner  which is so portable and pigmented.

But 499 Rupees for .8 ml is way too much.

Do I recommend? If you are looking for an eyeliner on the go or particularly in this form, it's by far satisfactory. So, you can go ahead.

Shall I repurchase? As I said, I am way too comfortable with liquid liners with brush applicators. So, in a  hurry, I would still turn toward my brush applicators.

( I have been wearing liquid liners since I was 13! And having a steady hand with my training in drawing, it wasn't difficult either. So, it's almost 14 years that I am using those.)

Final Word: I think , if you really want these, the price won't stop you since Oriflame rotates its discounts, chances are high that you might find these at very low price.

Product by the brand. Honest review.