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The Body Shop Flawless Tea Tree BB Cream is one near perfect BB Cream I have come across.

The Body Shop Tea Tee BB Cream Review, price, ingredients, photo.
You must be aware of the fact that I am on an eternal search for skin bases. I have reviewed a ton of BB Creams here in this space.( You can check them here).  Now, it's The Body Shop's turn to prove if they have perfected the art of making BB Creams.

The Body Shop Flawless Tea Tree BB Cream

As the name suggests, this BB Cream has Tea Tree oil and is good for acne-prone skin.
It has been held guilty for not controlling oil which it does not claim to do so either. I personally hold no grudge because, I do not like to tamper with how my skin naturally behaves ( except on special occasions).

The Body Shop Flawless Tea Tree BB Cream

My experience:
The cream comes in three colors which have already been swatched here. The cream definitely smells of tea Tree oil and provides medium coverage and light moisturization. The 02 Medium is more beige than yellow. In normal day light my NC 41-42 skin looks quite natural. But, in flash, it definitely looks more pinkish and a bit unnatural. So, even though it has no SPF, I would not want to to wear if I know I am going to be photographed.

As for the ingredients, this cream is a saviour for my bad skin days. When I have acne break outs, I tend to use it, and it calms and smoothens my skin. Yes, this is the best part! The medium coverage is good for me, at least for day time use.

But, the lack of SPF and PA factors is what makes me uncomfortable. I understand that some people are allergic to SPF properties, but a BB Cream without SPF becomes only a tinted moisturizer. Moreover, in spite of all the goodness, I would be still required to slather on an extra layer of sunscreen.

So, the Likes:

  1. Contains Tea tree OIl.
  2. There are three colors.
  3. The medium coverage hides most of the imperfections.
  4. subdues acne break outs and existing skin blemishes.
  5. 40 grams for around 1100 INR would see you a long way.
  6. Feels soothing on the skin.

Dislikes: Rather, not- so - impressive.

No SPF. I wish there were another variant with complete sun-protection which could make this the only product I can rely on.

Price. I understand none of the Body Shop products are cheap, and good things come at a price. Yet, the price of TBS products seem to be rocketing high.

Do I recommend? If you have acne-prone skin and not not really expecting oil-control, this is your thing.

Shall I repurchase?
I would, provided there is a l;ittle bit of discount on it. ( Or may be I would even without the discount. Time would say.)

Have you used The Body Shop Tea Tee BB Cream? What do you think of it?