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Bourjois Khol and Contour in Black and a lesson of what not to do at Bourjois Paris counters in Kolkata.

Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black Photo and Review| Bourjois Khol and Contour India Price
For sometime, I have honeymooned with Bourjois Paris. Frankly, most of the products with the brand have been really good! But let me begin my experiences of how my shopping experience has turned out to be lessons of life for makeup shopping for me.

Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black
Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black
 First warning:
The stall from where I had by then almost regularly purchasing from, gave me some pretty wrong information and sold it to me with tall claims. I insisted on buying the Contour and Clubbing one ( that's the name I think), but the SA insisted that I give this one a try in stead. The SA had seen me before and knew I was a regular customer. Honestly, I believe in small courtesies, like, even if I am not buying, if I am at the store,
I would say "Hi" to the SAs I know.

My Experience:
Even though the pencil claims that it stays on for 16 hours, it stays no more than six minutes on my eyes and worse, it creates a complete mess and worst, it creates a grey mess! My friend who had also purchased the same product also had similar experience.

Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black  Review
Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black
Second warning: 
 The SA called me up a couple of days later and asked my feedback. I gave an honest one -- the fact that the product did not live up to the mark. She started literally lecturing me on how the brand claims it stays on for sixteen hours and may be I needed to use some powder around the eyes to make it stay, etc.

First, compact powder around the eye would make your pencil liner stay a little longer. But you can't really get even 5 hours smudge-free effect with a product which creates a mess like this.And if one could turn regular kajals into a 16 hour-smudge-free one, I would rather spend on Himalaya Herbals Kajal because it's wonderful and soothing on the eyes!
Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black  Review
Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black
Second, the amount of lectures and protests on my feedback makes me wonder why I was being asked at all? If you do not like to hear, why even ask?

Third, I know what the brand says. For God's sake,I do read English!

Exasperated with her, because, I do not have the whole day for something pointless, I just agreed with whatever she said. ( I actually do that. There's no point arguing with unreasonable people; it saves time for better things.)

Worst: I figured a way of making it work, that is, on top of eye shadows. But it looked very grey, even though it looks pretty jet black on the skin.
BUT, even though it had not reached the date of expiry, it had started irritating my eyes pretty much at least six months before expiry. I accept that it had been opened for more than a year and would still overlook this issue. Yet, I have never had such issues with any product before.

Swatches of Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black
Swatch of Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour in Black

The Third warning about Bourjois Counters:
 Quite a few months ago, I needed a backup bottle of my favorite Bourjois Healthymix Foundation. I also made some other purchases I think and a very smiling SA gave me an eye-pencil as a gift with purchase. On reaching home, a very happy me pulled it out. BUT, I found the date of manufacture and expiry has been torn away. Why would anyone do that unless there is something doubtful over here?

Needless to say that I never used the pencil. I wonder if the brand does have something they can give as GWP, why not give it when it can actually be used. Usually GWPs are given when a purchase of a certain worth is being made which is lucrative no doubt. It also feels like a gift and a token of appreciation from the brand. But if a brand is just making me purchase more only to dump its unfit products, no, I am not walking that alley again.

The long and short of the review: I have nothing good to say about Bourjois Khol and Contour pencil, even though I like the other products from the brand. If you remember, I always say, any good brand can have a miss too. This one is that product for Bourjois Paris.

The moral of what not to do at Bourjois Paris Counters in Kolkata: Never trust and SA, even if you are a frequent buyer. Yes, these do very poorly reflect on the brand which is very unfortunate.

Yes, I am pretty much lashing out, but don't I have valid reasons for doing this? Let this be a reminder to to be careful about the brand and in fact, check on the GWPs from all the brands.