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DIY Orange Peel Powder: Pure and unadulterated

DIY Orange Peel Powder| Orange peel powder in skincare| How to make your own orange peel powder
Sometime ago, as I was making orange juice, a thought struck me. Why can't I make some orange peel powder and use it in food and skincare?

DIY Orange Peel Powder
DIY Orange Peel Powder
So, here is what I did. The oranges had been carefully washed before. I just dried the peels in the sun. When they became crisp, I tore them in small pieces and put in into a
mixer and grind them into powder. Simple? yeah!

Here is your own orange peel powder.

How to make your own orange peel powder?
DIY Orange Peel Powder

Things to keep in mind.
  • Wash the peels very well.
  • If you plan to use it in food, wash the peels with lukewarm water to get rid of the chemicals.

Btw, I love eating Kamalabhog, a rosogolla like sweet which is made orange or kamala to impart orangish flavour and color. Unfortunately, these days, most of the stores use artificial colors and the quality is questionable. So, I am usually forced to stay away from those.

I would soon do a post on how to incorporate this in skincare and diet. So, stay tuned.