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February 2015 Declutter: Another epic declutter!

What am I throwing away in February 2015? Reviews of products I am decluttering in February. My February 2015 Beauty Declutter.

For some reason, I did not want to do an empties/declutter in December,2014. The main reason being, some how I did not feel like doing an empties post in January... it felt like I was beginning the year with something negative. It's just a hunch I got. So, coming back, this is not an entirely empties post, but I am desperately getting rid of old products, doesn't matter if I have featured them or not.

February 2015 beauty Empties
The Huge Trash

Let's start with the big bottles.

February 2015 Hair and skin empties
The jumbos

Sunsilk Pink Thick and Long Shampoo: Yes, I have been using it for years, and even though I change shampoos when my hair stops responding to this, I keep coming back to it. I mostly buy these jumbo sizes so that my entire family can use it.

Spinz deodorant: I liked the scent. Not too overpowering, but strong enough. It seems everybody likes it. The other day, one of my friends came over, and as I put it on, he asked what it was which smelled good. The scents lingers for really a long time.

The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Conditioner: The less I speak about it the better.

Sunsilk Pink Conditioner: It makes the perfect combination with the shampoo.

Dove Body Lotion: Now, this beauty needs some more attention. I am putting it up for an entire post.

Medium-sized Bottles:

What I am throwing away in February 2015?

Pears Gentle Exfoliating face wash: I like pears face washes. but the synthetic beads make me feel extremely guilty of adding more to the water pollution. I am definitely not repurchasing it.

Clean and Clear morning Energy face Wash: I love these washes, especially, for the mornings.

Nivea Soft Cream: This is one of the best face and body butters I can ever find.

Liz Earle Toner: it's one of the best and mildest.

Liz Earle Tinted Moisturizer: I initially liked it. but eventually, my skin started reacting to it. So, I am throwing away almost half of whatever was sititng around.

Neutroegena  Rainbath Shower gel bottle which housed my TIGI Curlesque Serum: It's over! LOL.

Himalaya Clarifying Face Wash: Yes, I am going to buy full size bottles of that.

Cosmedic day Lumi Sunscreen: I have liked this brand, until one of the products, I found twas carrying the label ' physician's sample'. These products are not cosmetic and ought to be used on recommendation of the doctors. The brand had completely suppressed the fact and I DO FEEL duped. I am never again using or recommending anything. I can suggest cosmetic products to you , but not drugs.

Pond's White Beauty Face Wash: my mum and dad loves it and I tried using it as well. Well, it's a mixed reaction I have.

Coming to those smaller pots and pans,

The heart breakers

MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection cream Blush: I loved the color and then, tried preserving this for winter. When winter came, I found tiny bugs festering on it. It gave me shudders! my MUA luck is out if you have known what had happened to my MUA Foundation. :(

MUA Makeup Academy Cream Blusher
MUA Makeup Academy Cream Blusher

Faces Cream Highlighter/Blush: After that review, I have never used it and it shares a similar fate as that MUA Blush. Yuck!

Lipstick: I had depotted some lipstick which I am throwing away. End of the story.

Boroline: Is there a Bong household without this multi-tasker?

Monthly Makeup Declutter 2015
Monthly Makeup Declutter 2015

Ellis Faas Mascara: It was love in first use. From what I read of benefit's they're real, these match up to those. unfortunately, I loved these so much that I wanted to use these only for special occasions and when I opened them again, they had dried up. Finally, I tried cleaning up and threw these away. What a waste of good products!

Lotus Herbals Botanical seduction Lipgloss: I wonder why I never used it and it smells bad now. I wonder really, for a good product it was, why I forgot all about it!

Faces Longstay liner: Never again.

Bourjois Khol and Contour: Never again. You would know why pretty soon.

Streetwear Lipliner: I have been using the same colors for ages. now I am on my third one. Need I say more?

Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm: A really good, paraben-free, herbal lip balm.

Nivea Lipgloss: I don't think these are available any longer and I am not looking forward to buying more of these either.

C'est tous! Phew!


  1. plz tell me more abt the Boroline product thats a fav with bongs - want to know

    1. oh my! Boroline is just bomb! Shall review soon.


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