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Himalaya Herbals Intensive Treatment Lipbalm: Is it the one you are looking for?

Himalaya Herbals Intensive Treatment lip balm, review, ingredients, price| Paraben free natural lip balm in India

Since yesterday, my lips have been feeling very dry. May be I should increase my water intake because, as such, it's dry and extremely hot in Kolkata. Times of crises makes you feel which products work the best. I have been craving for my Himalaya Herbals Intensive Lip Balm in my dry-lips time and I realized, I have not reviewed it.

Himalaya Herbals Intensive treatment Lipbalm Price
Himalaya Herbals Intensive Treatment Lipbalm:

Why is the Lip balm so special?

First of all, it's herbal/natural. Second, it's meant for intensive therapy targeting severely dry lips. Third, it's free of chemicals and parabens. Yes, you read it right! And
free of petroleum. Can anything get sweeter than this?

Himalaya Herbals Intensive treatment Lipbalm: for Chapped lips
Himalaya Herbals Intensive Treatment Lip balm

My Experience: I had located it a long time ago when it was newly launched I think. Having fancy lipbalms around, I did not give much though to it. But, right on application, I knew this baby was different.

Himalaya Herbals Intensive treatment Lipbalm Paraben free
Himalaya Herbals Intensive Treatment Lip balm:

It felt very emollient on the lips and gave a good feeling. I had dry flakes which got softened sometime later, and in the morning, my lips were soft and yeah, prepared for the lip colors!I have nothing bad to say about this. Really.

Himalaya Herbals Intensive treatment Lipbalm for dry lips
Himalaya Herbals Intensive treatment Lip balm

Verdict: Instead of spending all your cash on high end brands in search of good quality paraben-free, petroleum-free, chemical-free lip balms, take a look at Himalaya herbals Intensive lip balm for severely dry and chapped lips because it not only fulfills those criteria, but is also highly effective.

For my part, I have been using Himalaya herbals products for a long time until I kind of lost interest. But they have introduced new products again and I hear they have also reformulated some of their lesser effective products. This summer, I think I am turning back to be the 'Himalaya Girl' again!

I had bought this one for around 90 INR for 4 grams. I think the price has been slightly raised ever since.

Go get it ladies!