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Look what I found at New market? Miss Claire Blusher!

Dupe of NYX Blushers in India| Miss Claire Blushers in India| Miss Claire products in Kolkata
I am shopping a little of something or other. Well, mostly necessary things. But, I am a beauty addict. So, a little of 'unnecessary' things shouldn't hurt. Would it?

Miss Claire Blusher in India
Miss Claire Blusher: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
 When I located these blushers, from a distance I thought it was indeed NYX! But then, I saw it was Miss Claire. Honestly, I have respect for the colored products from this
brand because everything I have ever tried from them turned out phenomenal!
Miss Claire Blusher 03
Yes, I am almost certain
There were quite a few more colors and forgetful me, I completely forgot to take photos of those. But fret not. I am going to go back and get photos of those while you feast your eyes on this.
Miss Claire Blusher

I am not claiming that this color is a dupe of the NYX Bourgeois Pig, but I say that the 

Dupe of Mynx Blusher| Miss Claire Blusher
L-R: Miss Claire and NYX.
product is. I think it might also be the dupe of Pinched pink or something I had seen.

Miss Claire Blusher

FYI: The texture of this blush feels like NYX and is also very pigmented. So, stay tuned.

Oh, I bought it for 220 INR.


  1. where did u buy it from??? please share!!

  2. @Sumana and Shalini: I got these two from Mondal Cosmetics at Hogue Market. And I got a third one from Vardan Market.


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