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Product Update: After more than a month, what does my skin say about L'Oreal Paris White Perfect 20+?

Photo and review of L'Oreal Paris White Perfect 20+ for combination-oily skin.
 As I am nearing 30, my oily skin demands more attention. In spite of having acne-prone skin, I think my skin, as such is supple, thanks to the natural oils it generates in abundance and the moisturization I never fail. I can definitely say this that my 20 year old skin and 27 years skin are quite different from each other. It used to be more oily. But now, it feels oily on the surface, by still requires hydration and
moisturization inside... if you can identify the feeling.So, I was pretty curious when the 20+ skin promised to cater to women of this age group.

L"Oral Skin expert 20+
Somehow the photo makes me think of cozy winter.

I had earlier reviewed, more precisely, done a short-term impression. But after a month's use, here is my observation.

  • I DO NEED moisturizer before I use this cream. Else, it does not spread easily on my skin which is initially extremely dry, and later shiny on the surface, but dry underneath which makes it look dull.
  • Once, I use moisturizer and use this on top, my skin remains hydrated from inside and matte on the surface for a considerable period of time.

So, does it deliver the results it promises?
In spite of the whitening tag, nowhere on the carton, the brand claims to 'whiten' the skin, but promises to 1 Lighten acne marks 2 Improve skin texture
 For me,
1 it did help me with my acne marks. I haven't been using too religiously, yet it did bring about a noticeable change.

2 Improvement of skin texture: No. This might help those in around 20 to 24. but for me, it's not enough. On the days, i tried using it on clean skin, it simply made my skin feel so dry that I could not stand the feeling. I slathered on moisturizer on top.

Verdict: At this point, I am unsure if I should recommend or not; I am also unsure if I would repurchase or not. But with a moisturizer underneath, I definitely am digging it during the summers for it mattifying properties and the SPF21+++ content.

( I might try the 30+ Cream which might suit me better. Shall come back with a

review in a month.)

Product by the brand. Honest opinion.