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Vaseline Healthy White Body lotion. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Did Vaseline Healthy White Body lotion work for me?| Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion photo, review.
Vaseline Body Lotions are my staples. In fact, my body skin is so dry, that more often, I have to give myself an oil massage because nothing else would relieve me of the dryness.
Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion  India review
Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion

I had got this one just out of curiosity. And here is in short, what I think of it.

  • Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion is extremely hydrating. Compared to the other variants, it's less 'oily', but more hydrating.
  • It relieves my skin of dryness and imparts a calming effect.
  • I did not notice any particular 'whitening' effect, neither have I been looking for one.
  • It smells good.
  • It's available everywhere and at a budget-friendly price.
  • The hydrating effect lasts longer than I expected.

Overall, I am satisfied with it and would love to repurchase. it's the 'whitening' tag which does bother me which is the only thing keeping me from grabbing hold of a second bottle.