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Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream: Does it serve me from 360° angles?

Photo, review and price of Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream| Avon Whitening Day Cream

When it comes to makeup, Avon is a brand I do trust. But, I have not tried too many skincare products from Avon. I had previously featured the Avon Anew Clinical line Corrector AF33 which helped my mother for her melasma. As for myself, I am not the best judge. However, when I received this cream, I was pretty excited, although the 'white' tag is not really my favorite.

Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream review
Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream
My Experience: My initial impression of Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream was
not a good one. But, after about two weeks, I have slowly veered in the opposite direction. Why? Read on.

Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream
Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream

Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream does not mention if it's a day cream or a night cream. But the instruction asks to use it once in the day time and once in the evening. So far so good. I presumed, that it can be used in the night.
On using for the first time as a night cream, my cheeks felt very hot and in the morning, I had tiny bumps on my chin, jaws, and in the places where it felt hot. I am not certain if my skin was sensitive at the point. I used it again on the next night, and this time, even though I did not experience discomfort, the zits were very much there.

Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream
Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream
I stopped using it as a night cream and started using only in the day time or evening. I also use my Clean & Clear Balancing Lotion before applying it because the salycilic acid in the lotion helps the acne. Eventually, my skin not only cleared up, but the extreme tan which I had got has also cleared away.

The cream itself feels like a soft emulsion which plumps and smoothens immediately. It feels of some silicone as well.

Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream
Avon Anew Timeless 360° White Cream

But the visible results I saw are listed in the likes.

  1. Soft`emulsion of a cream which goes over smoothly and spreads like a dream.
  2. Makes the skin look plump immediately.
  3. A very tiny amount is needed. I just take about half of a pea-size and in two weeks, I have hardly created any well inside.
  4. Clears away skin tans pretty effectively.

  1. Holymoly!  30 grams of this cream is priced at 1399 INR, or 1400 INR which is close to US$ 23!
  2. I cannot use it as a night cream. The silicone ( I think) irritated my skin and broke out.

Do I recommend? I am in a fix here. My skin initially did not like it; but has eventually got used to it now. For this, I cannot really recommend.

Who should get it? If you don't have acne-prone skin and you are just looking for something plumping and smoothing and something which removes tan, get this one may be.

Shall I repurchase? I don't think so. It's pricey. Moreover, it had initially broken me out. I would rather try something different from Avon because honestly, I am kind of impressed by the texture of the product.

PR Sample. Honest review.