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Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau: A relationship which grew with time and the many ways I use it.

Illamasqua Vernau Eyeshadow, photo, price, review| Illamasqua eyeshadow as contour and bronzer for medium skin
When I had received the Illamasqua Eyeshadows, I wasn't too impressed with Vernau. Back then, little did I realize how my opinion would change and that my love would

Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau photo
Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau
grow. This shadow comes in huge quantity. So, after I thought I could not use it in any way, I still started playing around soon to realize it's THE BEST Crease/transition
color or buffer color I could ever have!

As an eyeshadow used in the crease or buffing the everything: It's THE perfect color to do contour for my eyes.
Now, if I am doing a heavy look, I would buff everything in the crease with this one.

  • If I am going for something simple, I would just blend in some of Vernau is the crease and apply a wash of color on the lid.
  • If I just want a very demure, clean look, just a bit of this in the crease and a little matte or nothing on the lid.

As a contour and bronzer:

That it works perfectly in the crease means that it gives the perfect illusion of shadow for my skin tone. based on that observation, I had willfully tried it as a contour powder. Result? I can't imagine my makeup without it.
Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau Contouring
Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau

Why does Illamsaqua Vernau work for my NC41-42 skintone?
It's brown, but neither cool toned, nor 'orangey'. No matter how much people profess about cool tones working for them, unless you have cool undertones, a cool contour powder just makes warm complexion very muddy! Vernau is warm, yellow/honey colored brown which does not look orange or grimy on my color.

It's the best bronzing and contour powder ever!!! It's warm but not 'orange', it has a honey/yellow tinge to it which makes it perfect for my warm, medium skin color. In the last year, I have gained  a lot of weight, hence, I DO need some contouring. This does the best! It warms up my face while creating some lights and shadows.

Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau Swatch
Illamsaqua Eyeshadow in Vernau

How do I apply?
The normal routine for contouring is, I take my small angled face brush from Coastal scents and apply underneath my cheekbones staring from the hairline right from the top of my ears. I also add a bit to the temples; top of the forehead ( sometimes) and yes, on days I am in the mood, contour my nose.

For crease, well, you know how to do that! We are all beauty addicts here. In case you don't, sweat not, check makeup tutorials on YouTube.

That said, I am already worried about using this one up. I need a back up. I might try Illamasqua website, but the price is killing ( although I can shell out that much for once since this would last me for years). Still, I am on the look out for dupes in case Illamasqua changes it's mind.

I wish I had some help to show you the difference it creates as a contour powder. Honestly,first, I am lazy and second, I don't have a helping hand.

This is not a sponsored post, but a spontaneous outburst of my love. :P :P