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That very delayed March declutter post: Empties and oldies.

So, I have been ruthlessly getting rid of products. By now, I have at last cut down on my skincare hoard by at least 60%. I am no longer holding on to products which are near expiry. I am also trying to utilize products.

Makeup declutter march 2015
Ugliest sight ever, I know. :(
Anyway, here is the declutter. I am sorry if the photo is not pleasant. The stash was so big that it was difficult to fit in a frame in an orderly manner. I am late as well. Anyway, better late than never.I am not doing any in depth review either.

March beauty Emnpties 2015
The biggies
Clear Shampoo: It's a good one. May repurchase.

La Fresh Beutisa Whitening Vitamin E Night Cream: I had bought it from Mumbai when the Vitamin E Tag caught my attention. But, on coming back, I saw it claims to
whiten. It also has kojic acid. I did not want to use it. So, it sat in a corner and died, aka, expired.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream: Body Shop has better products to offer. Although it is not 'bad', but it's nothing I would be jumping with joy about.

Dove Indulgent Body Lotion with Shea Butter: I LOVE this one! Definitely repurchasing.

Nivea Soft: My winters would lose the little sweetness it brings without this one.

Lotus Herbals Nail Polish: This one was a brilliant color. Strangely, I never got to review it. I don't know why. it just didn't happen. But, on a better note, I had completely used it up.
beauty empties of march 2015
getting better, huh?

Maybelline Mono Eyeshadow: It's a very old one and I had used it a lot. But, later, I completely forgot about it. On rediscovering, I decided to get rid of it' because, as such, it has hardened up.

Maybelline Mono in Grey: it's just a grey color and it's very old too. I had stopped using it a very long time ago. It was just there. I decided to throw it away.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer: I used to love it at one point. In fact, had this been available, I would have still bought. Because it was old, I did not use it anymore. A small quantity was left. but, i decided on not holding on to it. Bye bye love!

Body Shop Oil-free Foundation: This one would need a separate review. wait up.

beauty declutter march 2015

Avon Glimmersticks Liner in Blue: I liked this liner. But, on everyday basis, I stick to black. In my profession, nobody would stop me, yet, I did not want to stand out more than I already do. :P  A good part of it was still there. But I got rid of it.

Streetwear lipliner in Pink Line: I love this particular color. I had got back ups and this one is the second I think. I have completely used it up and currently, I am on my second. That says a good deal. Doesn't it?

Avon Mini Liner in Red:
I had bought it was back. Sharpening it was difficult and somehow, I never used it.

Streetwear Kajal: In the days when longstaying khols were not available, this used to be me saviour. This was the last of the regular khols I got. It's not that old, but it's not that young either. Moreover, there seems to be a long air- bubble in the bullet which creates a tubular void in the core. That way, no matter how much I sharpen, I could not use it. No, these are not usually like that. This one is a defective one.

Bourjois khol and Contour Black and Blue: Both have expired. I detested both. Good riddance! Never again!

Colorbar Illuminator pen Highlighter: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I need it again in my life!

Maybelline gel liner: It has been almost three and a half years, yet, mine has not dried. Since it's old and my eyes are sensitive, I had stopped using it a very long time ago.

Elle 18 Lip balm: I had a pot lying around. I used to love this. Somehow, my lip products are always increasing in number and it went inside the stash.

Faces Longwear Kajal: Nah. No more!

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream: I use it as afoot cream and it's a good one. No idea if it's still available.

Bottega de Lungavita Sunscreen: this baby needs special attention.

Silk n Shine: Too much of silicon. Nah! Bye bye.

Miscellaneous sample sachets.
I have already reviewed the Emincence Organic Skincare Firm Skin Acai Booster-serum.

That's all folks! I am tired. See you soon.