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My Current Skincare which helped me with acne, breakouts and marks: Day and Night. April 2015

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I did not want to do a review. But, I have been using a lot of new products which I have not reviewed/featurted here. So, like it or not, I did do quite a few of them. Anyway, when the season started to transition, my skin, from being extremely dry, started to break out and became oily.
Skincare  products for oily acne prone skin
I know the photo looks a little weird.
And Oh Boy! I had to keep switching products constantly to find what's working until, I settled on a fixed one. In the meantime, I have got quite a few zits and breakouts. It's not that I don't use anything else at all. But these are what I am using most of the days.

I am glad that at last I have figured out what is working and it's pretty simple. In case you need to check out the reviews, click on the words in blue fonts. The links have been attached.
Skincare for oily acne prone skin India
Yes. I am not that great with editing.
Day time Routine:
I wash my face with Clean & Clear Facewash. It takes care of the oil and the acne. Next, I would apply VLCC Almond Eye Cream. In case there are lots of acne, I use the Biotique Biocucumber Toner, else skip it.( I know, lazy girl!). If you are wondering about the bottle, well, the new bottle of the toner fell from my hand and the cap broke. So, I transferred the entire fluid into an empty rose-water bottle.

Next, I use Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer. This contains salicylic acid which helps to kill the zits. yet, the moisturizer does not dry out my skin. Once the moisturizer gets absorbed, I go over with Avon Anew 360° Timesless Cream. This cream, is clearing away the marks which the break outs left. It works slowly, but after about 18 days, it has started working and the results are visible.

Note: These days, I mostly stay indoors. I am avoiding sunscreen when I am home. I have my own reasons. But, I do advise using one.

Night Routine:
The night routine is simple as well. I do everything of the above except for the Avon Cream. Yes, that's the only item I DON'T use at night and I DON'T SKIP the toner.

Result: My skin seems to be in a way better place. Most of the acne is gone. The ugly red marks have faded. Even the big bumps have withered.

On days I am going out, I replace the Avon Cream with a combination of L'Oreal BB Cream and Isadora CC Cream. But, for the time being, let's put it off for another post.

In case you try out this routine, let me know how it works for you.

Stay beautiful!