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Unboxing My Envy Box of April, 2015.

My Envy Box of April,2015| Samples of My Envy Box of April,2015.

Well, like it or dislike it, I keep looking forward to My Envy Boxes. They are surprises indeed because they keep fluctuating in terms of the samples and that keeps me curious about the next boxes. Anyway, My Envy Box of April 2015 was definitely a surprise!

My Envy Box of April 2015
Looks good. Doesn't it?
Alright, let's begin.

The box is fuller than most of the other months.I had reached a point where I had
stopped expecting any makeup in My Envy Boxes. But the March Box had a full size Catrice Eyeshadow. But, I did not expect makeup in a row and I am so happy!

The April Box Contains:

Za True White Exfoliator: This is a 30 grams sample and not a bad size by all means!

Catrice Lipliner Pencil: A full-sized one and I am recently in love with matte trends. So, no wonder I love it.

Samples of My Envy Box April 2015
The goodies
Avene Sunscreen VHP SPF 50+ Dry Touch Emulsion:A tiny 5ml sample. I have collected quite a few of these. Shall try them out and do quick sample reviews.

Kama Ayurveda Night cream: I use their Brigandi hair oil and love it! I have also used their Mridul face cleanser and a scrub. Loved them all. So, I have high expectations.Since there are two pots, I think they would last for quite sometime.

My Envy Box

Marc Jacobs Daidy Dream: A vial. By now, I love collecting the perfumes in vials because they are travel-friendly. I toss them in my hand bag and I am good to go!
Overall Impression: I keep complaining about My Envy Boxes, BUT, there were quite a few boxes which were impressive. This time, I was really happy to see the size of the Za exfoliator and the Catrice lipliner Pencil.

Besides, I am also glad that unlike the other months', this box contains less number of information cards which means, less wastage of paper. Yes, I think in our daily life, even small changes can cumulatively do much better. I don't ask to BAN the use of paper or plastic, but, we can definitely minimize and recycle.

What I feel, could be better? I am delighted about Za and Catrice. But, a full size Za exfoliator costs around 400 INR and a Catrice lipliner 300 INR. Kama Ayurveda Samples are regular ones. Overall, I am happy with the samples, but this is not the cost effective box.

Given as a beauty blogger I see all the foreign boxes, for the price point, they cater much greater number of products and the boxes are cost effective as well. That way, MEB, even though are definitely sharing samples from luxury brands which is commendable, they still need to include more number of products.

PR Sample. Honest Review.


  1. glad you dislike wastage of paper - me too hate too many pamplets
    nice review

    1. Oh yes. Even though we need paper in our everyday life, preventing wastage can actually help. Even in my limited capacity, I try recycling as much as I can.


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