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I am a non-vegetarian. But this is not how I would treat animals.

When I say I am a non-vegetarian, a meat-lover, I may sound outright cruel. But I am a non-vegetarian. Vegetarian food does not agree with my body constitution and I think, it's in my gene because my entire family suffers from stomach problems unless we consume some animal protein. Being voracious eater, I enjoy my food. But does that mean I cannot condemn cruelty to animals? No.

I don't mind meat in my food. I feel that's how nature made us. It would be absurd to make a tiger to eat plants just because there are options; because it lives in a forest. But,
do we need to be unnecessarily cruel? The animals are as such losing their lives to feed us. Why can't we be a bit more gentle with them? We are humans by virtue of certain qualities we possess. Why should we let it go?
Quite a few years ago, carrying chicken on bicycles had been banned. As far as my knowledge goes, the animals cannot be killed in the sight of the other animals( I may not be right here) and sale of meat in the open is definitely illegal. After the law was enacted, there was a time when this practice of carrying chickens on bicycles had completely ceased. But, lack of enforcement of the laws is bringing those evils back.

The poor birds are tied up in their feet and hung upside down and carried over for quite sometime. Sometimes, their beaks or head get withing the spokes and they keep bleeding, often till death, or perhaps until they are half-dead.

Now, this is what really sickens me. Even if I were to think that they die at the end, is this how they should die? I don't think so.

By law, these birds should be carried in carriages or big cages. Where have those vanished?The other day, I was travelling by auto-rickshaw and I happened to manage a click. Usually, in the protests of cruelty to animals, non-vegetarians are shunned. I also condemn that. Yes, I love my food. But this is not how the live creatures should be treated. I cannot accept the cruelty meted out with so much of impunity.