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Decoding the celebrity makeup looks at #YouCannes with L'Oréal Paris.

Decoding L'Oréal Paris Makeup looks at #YouCannes.
So, another season of Cannes Film Festival is here and L'Oréal Paris has geared up to to participate in the glitter and shine. Every year, around this time, there is an activity, and why shouldn't the beauty-bloggers have fun? In the last two years, I have created looks with L'Oréal Paris products.  ( You can check my look of 2013 here and the look of 2014 here) This year,  I am partnering with L'Oréal Paris again and it would be an intensive one. In other words, do expect quite a few looks which would be wearable.
L'Oréal Paris cannes Collection 2015
My stash
My looks would be inspired by the celebrity makeups by L'Oréal Paris or may be what I feel could be a good makeup do for a special occasion. No, I do not 'claim' to look
like the celebrities,, but I do say, the makeup would be either 'inspired' or what I feel would be suitable.

L'Oréal Paris cannes 2015
The Lookbook.
So, what is it I essentially see about the makeup? I am not decoding the ones they wore on the red carpet, but, the looks on the brand folio.

Well, to begin with, the French do not usually put in a riot of colors. But a pop of color here and here in a general clean and monochrome-ish effect is usually what brings out the polish. So, things have to be simple, but stylish.
That's the key to that effect , ' Je ne sais quoi' or ' I don't know what'. ( Yeah, I can't help flaunting the little bit of French that I do actually speak. :P )

Observe, in the four photos, the eye makeups are simple. The pop of color matte or gloss stands out against the flawless and simple base.

L'Oréal Paris Cannes makeup 2015
Would they recreate the magic?
The hair is wavy. Even last year, I said that I cannot imagine any glamorous look without good curly or wavy hair. Somehow, I don't feel poker straight hair goes with the glamorous vibes. Shiny curls/waves do bring out that diva-like air which nothing else can much provide. But then, that might be just me!

L'Oréal Paris Cannes makeup

I have been sent a few products. I have,
  • A L'Oréal Paris Moist Matte Limited edition Lipstick in Cherry Crush.A L'Oréal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick in Arabian Night
  • A L'Oréal  Paris Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Coral Encore
  • and Fuchsia Orchrestra
  • A L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Insta in Sapphire Blue

I know only these products would not let me create complete looks, neither do I have the basics, like even a L'Oreal Foundation. But, l shall dig in with whatever brands I have and see if the lip colors do steal the show.. So, stay tuned because this year, I plan to go full on!