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Skin care for the water-babes: How I am taking care of my skin to minimize skin darkening by pool water?

How to take care of skin to prevent skin darkening from chlorine water in swimming pool?

When I was young, I eternally suffered from ENT problems. Now that I have grown up, as the doctors had predicted, it has gone away... or most of it is gone now. But, in the past year, I have been extremely ill which had weakened me to the extent when I could not even walk or stand up. My strength has significantly affected and I have gained weight ( which I have at last, started to shed, I think) and I am saying 'hello!' to back pain which is also the result of my lifestyle. Since, my joint-pains are not gone, exercise including walking or running was not a solution. Besides, my nature of work, keeps me stooping for long hours. I am so tired and bored of being weak and fragile, that I have decided to get stronger.So, at the age of 27, I am learning to swim! Yes! I already can, and I am loving it!

BUT, as much as I enjoy my lessons, the chlorine is very much there. I would not complain because I understand that the people in charge have to take care of the hygiene. Yet, the good-will cannot prevent skin damage. Read on for the skincare part,

So, here and there, are little things I am doing which are effective for me. What are those?
See, chlorine is highly abrasive and it dries out the skin and hair making it dark. To minimize the effect, hydration of both is the key.

I am thankful that my skin has finally made up its mind and decided to be oily.

Yet, I moisturize well at least an hour before hitting the pool. It ensures that everything is well absorbed and goes deep. Before getting in the water, we have to take a shower.It helps in the sense, the water already gets into the pores and hence, lesser of the pool-water would soak in.

These two, not only decelerate the drying out by the chlorine, but also, prevent the skin from absorbing too much of pool water and thereby, minimizes deposition of chlorine on the skin.

Once, I am out of pool, since I live just two doors next to the pool, I quickly come back home and hit the shower. I wash with warm water at least for five to ten minutes, including scrubbing with a loofah every alternate day.

Post bath, I would apply body lotion all over and use my moisturizers. I am currently using Nivea Q10 Body Lotion and another one from Nivea, which is so new that I have forgotten the name.

Chlorine can also give you zits. So, clear your skin off the dry cells. Scrub at least twice a week.

As for the Hair,

It is mandatory to wear rubber/silicone cap which largely prevents water from soaking my hair.

So, it protects to a certain extent.

After a swim, I wash my hair and follow up with a good conditioner. It's either my Sunsilk Pink Conditioner or a hair mask from Matrix Biolage. But, I don't shampoo regularly as it might further dry out my already dry and frizzy hair.

After a bath, I follow up with generous amount of leave-in consitioner and serums.
Kiehl's F33 + Matrix Biolage Serum and sometimes, Nature's Co 's Tea Tree cream+ Matrix Biolage Serum, are my most effective combinations.

So far, I do not notice any worsening in my hair situation. My skin feels fine. There is a slight tanning which I might ascribe to summer as well. But, the tanning is not significant. the rate of my tanning is also way lower than what I notice in others.

Last Word: If you enjoy doing something, do it! A little bit of tan would not hurt. In fact, anything which does not affect the quality of your lifestyle, must not bother you. No one can look perfect in all the hours, and let not the bid of always looking the best dampen the joy of living.
Be happy!