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MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo: One time I got wooed by MAC.

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick India photo, review, price, swatch| MAC Ruby Woo on lips

Usually I do not feature expensive brands like MAC simply because I feel with the number of brands and products available, one would always get lucky to find colors

MAC Ruby Woo Photos
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Ruby Woo
which work for them.  At the cost of sounding like I am high, I have made so many trips to MAC, but when it comes to really 'lemming', I did not have that feeling towards any particular product until I saw Ruby Woo. I was not sure if I would buy it, until one day, a migratory bird learned about it and almost dragged me into the store and gifted me one. Yes, it was a gift from my fiancé.

Ladies, je vous presente la Ruby Woo de MAC!

MAC Ruby Woo Indian Look
MAC Ruby Woo in different Lights
 I have worn it on several occasions and the photos have been taken in different lighting. I have just worn it with a BB Cream on my face and no other makeup, it made
me look fresh. I wore it to a wedding, it looked good, I wore it to an event, it looked equally well, at least, so do I think.

My Experience.

Why I am loving it? The color! It's the color! This is one color which MAC has, perhaps accidentally, got so right! It's just the perfect red! It's intense, slightly bluish/cool toned yet, does not lean too much on the spectrum of blue and so perfect! I feel my love for it is beyond words, especially, because I love wearing red lipsticks! MAC Ruby Woo on brown color skin like ours, looks great. I think it would look equally great on lighter or darker skin colors.l In fact, this color would work for every one.
MAC Ruby Woo
MAC Ruby Woo
Texture: It goes over nicely on my lips. But, let me warn, this is extremely matte and dry. It's not one of those mattes which would slide over and set. It is the old school velvet matte which would just spread around, but once applied, don't expect to slide it around.
In course of time, unless you coat it with a balm, the already dry texture gets more dry. Layering is not a good idea as it is unnecessary and would ball up to form tiny clumps and flake even more.

MAC Ruby Woo swatcfh on warm skin tone
MAC Ruby Woo Swatch

Yet, I do not detest the texture because, it is this matte effect which makes it look wonderful in all kind of lights. I have wondered had it been creamier, if it would have looked better. But no. That it is so matte, looks not only good in person but in photos as well.

MAC Ruby Woo
MAC Ruby Woo
Like typical MAC lipsticks, it has a bulky, heavy package and a faint vanilla scent.

It was priced around 1450 INR I think, which is almost $22.

Shall I repurchase? I so love wearing it everywhere that my bullet is already blunt. I am not the biggest fan of MAC, yet this is the only product I would keep buying.

Do I recommend? I know it sounds odd when people say that you 'MUST' but a product this expensive. Even, I myself, would not want to spend so much on s single product. BUT, I would say, if you need ONE red lipstick in your collection, or you want ONE expensive product worth your money, spend on this one. You would never regret that hole in your pocket.