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My Beauty favorites of April, 2015: L'Oreal Paris, The Body Shop, Oriflame, Maybelline, etc.

What make have I been loving in April 2015?L'Oreal Paris, The Body Shop, Oriflame, Maybelline, Isadora, Illamasqua, Inglot, Rimmel, etc.

So, here flies by another month and I now seriously wish there were 48 hours a day and at least 40 days a month. Or may be not! I must be careful about what I wish for, huh?

Makeup favorites of April, 2015
The beauties of April 2015
 Anyway, here are my April favorites. ( I find it difficult to put in all the products and
shoot. So, I clicked them by categories.)

My Beauty favorites of April, 2015 Face Makeup
My Beauty favorites of April, 2015: Face

L'Oreal Paris BB Cream: This BB Cream goes nowhere! Even on the most humid day, the cream just clings to the skin! I mix it with the Isadora BB Cream. Yes, do you remember my post on my favorite makeup combinations?

Isadora BB Cream: Again, I feel now it's complimentary to my L'Oreal BB Cream.

Oriflame the ONE Illuskin Foundation in Natural Beige: It's light, doesn't sling to dry flakes, neither does it feel uncomfortable on oily skin. Dust on some loose powder on top. You are ready to go.

Kryolan Dermacolor D5: I need this in my life! I use it under my eyes to cancel out the darkness and then top off some lighter concealers to brighten the area.

Makeup favorites of April, 2015 face
Makeup favorites of April, 2015

Rimmel Stay matte Compact: This one is too dark for me. Still, it makes do. I love it!

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Brown or dark brown(?) Have to check:  It's not the best, but still it makes do while I am running out of time and working with my brow powder is not an option.

And the beauties!

Makeup favorites of April 2015 Blushers
Makeup favorites of April 2015

Oriflame Illuskin Blushers: I am so in love with these! I can wear them everywhere. The pigmentation is perfect and I would never go wrong.

Maybelline Blusher in Apricot: it's as old as the earth now. I don't use it much. yet, I can't resist the light peachy/bronzey effect it gives.

The Body Shop Brush On Radiance Pearls: I love the slight shimmery glow it gives. For an oily-skinned person, I might seem to be a little deranged. But, I like slight shimmer and sheen.

Maybelline Peachie Sweetie: It's neither too pink, nor too orange. Just the beautiful pinkish peach.

Monave Highlighter: You may not have heard of this brand, but the highligher is wonderful! It's a mineral makeup. So, it makes me brave.

Makeup favorites of April 2015: Eyes
Makeup favorites of April 2015: Eyes
You have already seen the Illamasqua Vernau and the favorite eye color combinations.

Inglot Eyeshadow Base: not the best in the market, but good enough to make me realize the beauty of Nudes and neutrals. Makes sense?

L'oreal Paris Carbon gloss Liner: I love it!  I need to review it asap.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara: This is THE best mascara I have ever owned, apart from Maybelline Falsies Volume Mascara.

Maybelline Colossal kajal Black: Seriously, why I keep postponing some reviews is a matter of curiosity to myself!
Last but not the least
Makeup favorites of April 2015
L'Oreal Paris Eau de Rose

L'Oreal Paris Eau De Rose Eyeshadow Quad: I have been loving the cool tones. In fact, I had shown it on Facebook sometime ago. Oft and on, I have been reaching for it.

You might be surprised to find no mention of lip products. That's because, I have been wearing those combinations I had shown in one of my previous posts. Apart from that, I have been pretty much rotating everything. So, nothing new here.

What are your favorite beauty products of April 2015? Share with me.