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My Mindless Fresh-Faced No-Makeup Makeup: Products and tutorial.

How did I do an easy fresh face makeup ?
So, you are thinking what the heck this is? The other day, before going to bed, I was suddenly feeling very  restless. Since, I read throughout the day, reading again was not the best way to calm down. I put up my hair in a braid and mindlessly started putting on makeup. What resulted was a very fresh faced makeup look which I personally loved.

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Keep it clean!
In hot summers, not every one wants to look way too done. But, a clean fresh face and light eye makeup can definitely jazz up things without looking or feeling
uncomfortable.So, if you are wondering how to get a fresh faced makeup, try these. the products I used are not must-haves. Feel free to switch them with whatever you have in your stash.
products for fresh faced makeup
Products used.
Recently, I haven't shown much love to my Essence Sun Club Palette. So, I just started working with it. As usual, I worked a little of Illamasqua's Vernau and then, patted a brown on the outer half and the shimmery orange-gold on the inner half blending out the sharp line between the two colors. I did everything with ONE brush, Kryolan's Art 1707! You need this brush in your life!

Then, I just lined with my L'Oreal SuperLiner Carbon Black. And followed up with some mascara from Isadora. This mascara is not the best in the world, but definitely gentle on my sensitive eyes.

I had used Inglot's base prior to this. but, forgetful me, I keep missing this and that while shooting.
Kryolan derma CXolor D5
Kryolan Derma Color D5
Next, I concealed my under eyes and some spots on my cheeks and near the temples with Kryolan Derma Color D5 and dusted Miss Claire's Loose powder all over with Coastalscents Sable hair Brush. ( Had I been careful before, I would not have bought this, not because it's bad, but I am trying to go as much cruelty-free as possible.) I am pretty impressed with how the powder set everything.

Kryolan derma Colors
I have housed my refill pan in an empty Nivea Lip Butter Tin. I painted the tin freen to give it Kryolan-ish appearance.
I had mentioned that contour is what I am always doing these day;, so there goes my Illamasqua Vernau again with my Coastalscents medium angled blush brush. This is another brush you absolutely need in your life!

Brushed for fresh faced makeup
The essential brushes.

Next I used The Body Shop's Color Crush Blusher. I have to check the shade name.  This babe needs review too. I tell you, you need to be careful around it. It's insanely pigmented! I dipped a dense powder-brush only for once and whatever I picked up in the single go, I patted  on both of my cheeks and gently blended out everything.

Essential brushes
One brush less.
I had the blush brush which I got in my 70 bucks kit. Since it is too soft and not too dense, I love using it for my MakeUp Academy MUA Highlighter. That way, it just brings out a glow.

I had initially wanted a complete matte look. But, couldn't resist a little glow.

Miss Claire Lip Cream
Miss Claire Lip creams
I finished everything with my Miss Claire Lip Cream. You guys need those creams! I forgot to shoot it. So, I am just pointing out the color I used in an image I had used on my Facebook page.
I did not fill out my sparse brows simply because I forgot and because I had no plan of putting it up on the blog. :D :D

That's it. I had been playing around with my phone and tried shooting with it. it wasn't meant for a post or anything. Had I that plan, I would have wanted to shoot differently. I hope you can still discern the colors on me or are able to get an idea.

I am loving my hair in the braid and the clean finish for my face. Looks refreshing for summer days. I might be wearing this on a day out.

What do you think? Hit or fail?