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NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU is a pleasant surprise!

NYX Eyeshadow Trio Guru, Photo, Review, Price.

Since last few weeks I have been posting almost regularly here. And, it made me realize how much of reviews and features I am falling behind. Take NYX Eyeshadow Trio Guru for example. I have had it for more than a year and half now. But, somehow, I always forget about it.
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU
I would cut down my ramblings and move on to the review.

How I describe it:
The palette has three shades of brown. It has a golden, a golden-bronze and a deep bronze color which a shimmery. The shimmers are not chunky, but finely milled and you cannot discern them separately.

NYX Eyeshadow Trio  GURU
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU

They are soft, smooth, pigmented and the fall out is nothing significant.
They impart the colors well and the colors are easily blendable. They won't sit on the skin stubbornly.
AND, they stay put for at least 6 to seven hours. I have not worn them beyond that time. By the way, I have hit the shower hoping that these would wash off. But no. The shadows remained as they were until I washed off with a face wash and followed up with a makeup cleanser.

NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU
Then what I did not like?

All the three a beautiful shimmery shadows. But, since all three are shimmery, one palette would not do the job. I need at least one matte brown for my crease or transition color!
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU  Swatches
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in GURU  Swatches
These are sold for 625 INR in India, but has been discontinued elsewhere.

Buy or skip? This is a good quality product. But, one trio would not get you a complete look. besides, by shelling out a few bucks more, there are plenty of alternatives in the Indian market. So, don't go an extra-mile to procure these.