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Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB01: How rebellious is it?

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01 Photo, Price, swatches.
Only a beauty blogger would understand why I can be demure if the sun does not shine. Make no mistake. I love monsoon. But, I need to do some shootings. The day I started shooting, the lights were constantly changing. In case you want to see the color is different lights, check my preview post here. ( I had also reviewed a Go Graffiti Nail Polish here)  When I had received the Rebel Bouquet Collection, I was pretty excited. I still am! The lipsticks I received were gorgeous and completely my kind of colors! So, let's begin with the reviews first.

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01  review
Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01
REB01 is a bright red lipstick which does not lean too much on the cool side, nor is is very warm on me. In fact, on my lips, it looks way toned down than it does in the

My Experience: At first, I had thought, "OMG! What a bright color!". On swiping on the lips, I loved how beautifully it glided on. It felt so smooth, buttery and looked and felt glossy!
Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick
Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01
After a while, the texture set into a matte-ish feeling. My lips did not exactly feel dry, but it felt like I was wearing something which is matte or something which is sticky. On peeking into the mirror, I found the shine had reduced, but the lipstick still looks glossy. That is, it feels matte, but actually looks glossy.

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01  swatches
Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01: Swatches
 Staying power of the red is not phenomenal, not at least on my lips. It stays put for at least 3 to 4 hours after which I have to touch up.

The pigmentation is good, but not full coverage, but can be layered.

The look and feel of the packaging is pretty uplifting.

I would have loved to do a close lip swatch. But, I had a horrible blemish near my lips which looks ugly. So, I am doing lip swatches later.

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB 01

Price: The price is pretty steep for the product, I would say. 450 INR is a bit too much.I remember the days when Maybelline used to cater good quality lipsticks at a much affordable price. I am not really liking this trend where every time a collection is launched, prices are hiked in leaps and bounds.

Do I recommend? If you are comfortable with the texture, the colors from this line are worth checking out. They are bright and fun, perfect for summer.

PR Sample. Honest review.