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My Beauty Empties and Declutter of May 2015: Makeup

Thanks to my Beauty Empties posts, most of my old stash is gone now. Skincare products are going away faster and makeup is being rotated. In fact, I think I did a post on how the Beauty Empties and Declutter posts were helping me.
In April, I could not manage to do this. Now that it is June, I thought I would do an April-May Empties and Declutter post.

Let's start with the makeup:

Bourjois Paris healthy Mix Concealer:
I learned the right use only too late. Still, I used this concealer madly to brighten up my under-eye areas and I loved how it was
completely creaseless. I had used up most of it.

Faces Cosmetics Long stay Liquid Liner: I would be honest here, I had never been able to use it. I don't get to wear liquid liners much. but, lately, I have found a way of working with them. This one, i think has expired. So, I did not want to give it a shot either. I feel guilty about not using it though.

The Body Shop Lily Cole Liquid Liner: Same fate as the faces liner. It's one of the prettiest purple colors. It's a pity that i could not use it.

Lakme Fantasy Collection Liner: If you love colored liners, you would be amazed at how intense these are. But, same problem as the two above.

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner carbon Gloss: I am head over heels. I have almost completely used it up, because, in order to get the product now, I have to really shake it hard. But, suddenly , it is irritating my eyes. Possibly, it's shelf-life after opening is over now.

I don't know, my eyes might have become sensitive as well.

New U Nail Polish: I forgot the name. It's not the color you see. It's actually white. I had a Lotus nail Polish which was drying up to become thick. I just put in a few drops and mixed it up with the brush and I got one of the prettiest milky pink colors! it's completely used up!
Bourjois Paris Lipstick in Sweet Peche or Peche Volupteuse I think. I have been holding on to it for sentimental reasons. but, it had got a little mould. I sanitized it with alcohol. Still, I could not bring myself to wear it. I know the way I sanitized it is perfect. Still, it's not that I don't have more lipsticks!
Maybelline ClearGlow Compact: Nah. I don't like the compact and I am glad that I have used up the last bit of it.

I don't want this post to be too long. So, I would be doing my skin and hair in a separate post. This is not YouTube. So, short opinions also become tedious to read and that makes these less sweet. We don't want that! Do we?