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Beauty Empties and declutter of May 2015: Hair, Body and Skin.

Beauty Empties and beauty declutter of May 2015.
Sometimes I wonder what I do throughout the day? On a second thought, I do so many things that time flies by before I realize that the day is over. I had done the shooting long time ago. The first half of this post showing the makeup declutter of April-May was posted. Just like I completely forgot about that one, I forgot about this one as well.

Anyway, I should stop ranting now.

Himalaya Herbals Aloe Vera face Wash: Mildest and moisturizing face wash. I ought to review it. But, these days, my head is somewhere I I don't know.If you have dry
skin, this should be a must have.
Nivea Whitening Cellular etc body Lotion ( yes, it's a long name): Even though i do not like the 'whitening' tag, as a body lotion, even after years, my opinion remains the same. I like it.

Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion: I need Vaseline Body Lotion. Ok? That's the long and short of the matter.

Garnier Fructis Triple Conditioner Shampoo: Nah. Pass.I need bounce for my fine hair.

Sunsilk Pink Conditioner: You see either the shampoo or the Conditioner every month and I do need these in my life!

Biotique BioCumumber Skin Toner: If you have oily skin which is pimple -prone, don't think. Just get it! Mine is almost over. The bottle had broken and I poured the fluid in another bottle. Since, I am accumulating the plastic bottle to be done away with in one go, I kept it in the trash bag.

Just Herbs Aloe Vera massage gel: It was a promising product. Since, i am not big into massaging my skin, I completely forgot about it only to realize that it had expired days back.

Lakme Clean Up Mask: I love this mask and currently, I am on my second tube.

So, that's my modest empties post. Hope you feel motivated by this one as well. See you in the next one.