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The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer is sure to intrigue!

The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer Photo. review, price, Swatch.
 I have oily skin with open pores. So, when I saw the launch of The Body Shop WonderBlur face Primer from their Drops of Youth line, I could not turn down the chance of trying it out. There is another primer called All-in-ONE InstaBlur Universal which also doubles up as an eye primer. Since, this is a newer launch, on second thought, I decided to go with this one.

The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer  review
The difference between the InstaBlur and WonderBlur, as the SA said, was that, WonderBlur tends to be more of a skincare kind of product, like, you can use it solely
just to give a flawless look, while the Instablur is more of a makeup, meant to be worn only under makeup. Not sure, I understand the difference though.

My Experience: So far, I have used only one face primer, the Olay-Covergirl Face primer, which is an all in one  skincare product. So, you may say, The Body Shop's WonderBlur is my formal introduction to face primers.

The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer  Price
Texture: I had to squeeze the tube hard to get the product out. And what came out was a whitish product which was not all all creamy or something. It looked of a peculiar consistency. The product which came out in the form of a thick string, stayed in that shape!

I tried putting it on my face and huh? Where was it? It landed on my dressing table! It fell off my hand! I easily picked it up right in its shape and this time, I spread it on my finger tip and massaged in on my T-Zone.

The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer
It is neither creamy, nor solid, a strange peculiar texture I fall short of words to describe.

Effect: Right on application to my T-Zone, my skin looked smooth and matte! This is safe to use in the eye area as well. So, I applied it on my eye lids as well.

I have oily-skin right now and plenty of large pores. Apart from mattifying, the pores looked much blurry, as if, I have rubbed everything to smooth out.

Next comes the best part. I applied my foundation of top and VOILA! It not only went smooth, it kind of clung to my skin! It applied better, looked more matte and because the skin was already smooth, everything looked better!

My eye makeup had stayed put for longer than usual as well.

The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer| Nivedita Kolkata Blogger
Did it do what it claims? It does not claim to keep the face mattified. It claims to provide a blurry effect to the skin smoothing out the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. That is, it would temporarily improve the texture. I cannot comment on the long-term use since it has newly launched. Yes, as per it's claims, it did. it did make my pores look blurry.
The Body Shop WonderBlur Face Primer
Moreover, my makeup stayed put better and my nose did not become shiny even though I have been perspiring profusely. But, with the kind of oil and sweat and heat, I don't think my nose can hold up that long. But, my cheeks did stay matte for at least a good 5 hours after which I had washed off on all the occasion so far.

30ml of the WonderBlur costs almost 2000 INR and it can be used in the eye area.

Kiehl's has a similar product called MicroBlur, but it is meant to cause dermabrasion to eventually do some permanent changes. It comes in a 75 ml tube and costs around 500 INR more. By quantity, it might be lucrative. But, it's not meant for the eye area. It's a skincare product and I am not sure if I want to use products which cause dermabrasion, not without consulting a doctor at least. That way, I would pick up WonderBlur without a second thought.

And lesser price does not mean the brand compromises on quality. I do have that much of trust.

With The Body Shop's year round offers, and membership card, this can be obtained at a way lesser price. That way, I would invest in it without a second thought.

What I did not like? The price. Yes, The Body Shop products are good quality, cruelty-free and so on. Yet, I can't help squirming at the hike in price. I don't intend to say that they can be delivered at regular drugstore range. Yet, I wish, there were a price-cut like the brand had done back in 2009 I think.

Shall I repurchase? Honestly speaking, the Drops of Youth Range is extremely expensive. I don't think I can keep purchasing everything. But, I love the Serum and the Overnight mask (which I would use a couple of times more to confirm what I think of it. Head over to my Facebook page to see what it was.). This one is not only a facial primer, but, since it serves as an eye primer as well, I would repurchase because it would be way more economic.

Do I recommend?  I get the pocket pinch of the price. But, if you can, I would say go ahead. Since, only a pea-size amount is required, less if you are using it only for targeted areas, this would last a very long time.

That's it. Overall, I am very happy with WonderBlur and the Drops of Youth Line. Do check out my review of the serum as well.

Product by the brand. Honest review.