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My shopping experience of buyincoins.com

buyincoins.com review: What I bought and troubleshooting issues. 

Most of you have been waiting for this review. So, without much dallying, I would jump right into it. I needed some good quality brushes and having tried the buyincoins brushes before, thanks to my friend Nidhi, I wanted/needed more because a few of my older brushes now need to retire.
buyincoins brush
The entire order. Excuse the dirty ones. I can't stop using them.
Recently, buyincoins.com has started accepting credit cards along with Paypal.

My Experience: I had heard that buyincoins.com offers free shipping. But, while adding products, I did not find such options. But, the tracked airmail was not only
cheap, the more I added to the card, the lesser it started to become. It would have become zero, but, I did not want to risk my money on my first purchase.
good RealTechniques brush dupes
Trying to give a better view

Anyway, including sets, my entire order consisted of 11 brushes and including tracking airmail, it amounted to around $14 only!

Delivery: Once my order was confirmed, it was sent out in 5 to 6 days and in my account, I saw the tracking number. It can be tracked on 17.net or Indian Postal Service's section. However, after a few days, the package location still remained in Beijing. by this time, almost 21 days had passed.
Through the message section in the account I reached out, and they kept saying that it may take around 35 days.
highend makeup brush dupes
My entire collection from the site.
 After 38 days, I got in touch again this time requesting to open a case for lost package. The executive suggested that my parcel may not have been delivered by my local post office. I informed that I had already made inquiries, but, as both the sites suggest, the package's last location is still Beijing. She asked for some time to get back to me while she inquires with their logistics.
Right on the next day, my package arrived!

There was one brush missing and the way the order had been packed, twisted the bristles of one small brush. I took photos right away to share and in two days, they refunded the price of the missing brush as well as the damaged brush.

Conclusion: The promptness with which my refund and everything had been handled is really impressive. Since the executives are not all adept in English, if you feel they are being evasive, I think it's just language-skill. So, while writing to them, write in very short and simple sentences. :D
Once you order, you would need to be extremely patient.

My suggestions while purchasing:

  1. Using PayPal is always a good idea.
  2. If you are looking for 'dupes', don't buy. The products don't claim to be say 'MAC' or anything. They are similar. If you need them go for those.
  3. It takes a lot of time to deliver. Since shipping expenses are extremely low and sometimes even free, order in small quantity. Your money would be in lesser risk and the uncles and aunties at the customs wouldn't bother you.
  4. Go for tracked airmail shipping so that you can track your order and actually argue about your case in case of disputes.
That said, I am extremely happy. The number of brushes, the quality, the shipping expenses and the manner of handling all pleased me.

I am neither encouraging, not discouraging, but, I myself would definitely purchase from the site again.

What do you think? To try or not to try?