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My Envy Box of June 2015 Review: Unboxing.

My Envy of June 2015 review, Coupon.

My Envy Box of June 2015 took my breath away!

My Envy Box June 2015
My Envy Box June 2015
 I have been consistently featuring my Envy Box for the last one year or more. And, I have been consistently complaining about the size of the samples ( not about the quality
though). Things have shown signs of promise earlier and it started evolving recently. How? The samples are now growing bigger in size and more satisfactory. When the June box arrived, I was curious. This time, I actually let out a little scream of joy!
My Envy Box June 2015
My Envy Box June 2015
 What does My Envy Box of June 2015 contain? be prepared to be amazed,

Hedonista Face Souffle: It is actually a deep cleansing face mask which is just what I need. Besides, it is in line with my hedonistic tendencies. It is full size and is priced Rs 1,650. Imagine that!

Catrice Smokey Eyes Pencils. Mine is in Sea green. Priced at Rs 365.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oils. 2 tiny vials. But, I am good with it because, first, I can carry it. Second, I need very little amount. So, two vials would give me some six applications as leave-in serums.

Estee lauder Pleasures Perfume Vial: Honestly, these vials are more useful to me than the full size versions would have been.

Natio Hand Cream: Deluxe Size sample: With monsoon in the mid-season, it would be winter before long and I would need all the hand creams on earth.

There's a 5th product which I am supposed to find out online. if I do, I would let you know for sure.
My Envy Box June 2015
My Envy Box June 2015
There's something I wanted to point out. The samples in My Envy Boxes may not have been consistent in size. BUT, they are honest about their quality of the products and the pricing. I see many Indian websites importing regular drugstore makeup products and selling them at marked up prices. Many of the times, they mark up prices by at least 400%! And occasionally put them on sale. People end up paying a lot more than the products are actually worth and at that price, some other products from high end or good brands could have been easily procured. But, My Envy Box does not rip off like that. If you see the pricing of the Catrice Eye pencils, they would probably cost the same had you bought it from Germany. I am sure, there would have been many takers of the products at mark up price. But, My Envy Box does not indulge in such malpractice and that I HAVE TO give them!
Besides, there are discount coupons available. So, good deals are always available. You can use the code 'CHITCHAT' to avail 15% discount.

Let me know what you think of MY Envy Box Of June.

PR Sample. Honest review.