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Sleepover with The Body Shop and The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask.

About a month ago, you have seen on my FaceBook page that I was partying with The Body Shop... errr...  at my own place. ( You can follow me on Facebook because I am most active there) But, it was really fun! There were bloggers on board and we were sent over huge box which we were not supposed to open. I was so dying with curiosity! At last the day came and I got to open it.
The Body Shop Drops of Youth   Bouncy Sleeping Mask Sleepover
The Body Shop Drops of Youth   Bouncy Sleeping Mask
Let me tell you beforehand, you might be aware that I have a sleeping disorder. I don't either sleep well or sometimes go without being able to sleep at all. I had done a post on how I keep things in check. Anyway, I was going through a bout of insomnia
again. So, when The Body Shop sent in the letter with all the arrangements to get us sleeping well, I was more than delighted! So, what was inside the bag?

A huge letter with instructions. It looked like those beautiful letters princesses in cartoons usually get.

On opening the bag, I found a shopper tote, a pillow, a drinking chocolate, a mug, a green press-ball, an eye-mask and THE Drops of Youth Bouncy Mask.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth   Bouncy Sleeping Mask
The Body Shop Drops of Youth   Bouncy Sleeping Mask
As per instruction, I lit only a soft yellow lamp and tuned on the music. Changed, had a cup of hot chocolate; brushed and put on the mask. Then I started pressing on the ball to relieve the stress.

Since I have been having sleepless nights, my skin was already breaking out and was feeling irritated. Right on application, my skin felt very soothed and calm. I kid you not, it did feel very calming on my skin.

I put on my eye-mask and although it took me some time, I did sleep after a long time.

On the day after, my skin looked really soothed and smooth. There was a kind of glow and it also felt that all the moisture and health was back. In short, my skin had bounced back to a beautiful state.

In the evening, the breakouts I had, popped on their own and my skin started clearing out. At that point, I wasn't sure if it was the mask.

I still wanted to give it a few more tries before I review. Now that I am ready, stay tuned for the next post.