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What is strobing? How to strobe? Strobing myth busted.

Strobing is the newest fad; But, what the heck is that? 

There's a new fad called 'strobing'  going round. YouTube is all over it. There are so many tutorials and instructions and so on. But my my! If you give it a careful thought, strobing is nothing but good old highlighting, mostly without contouring going along.
Strobing in makeup
Yes, after a sleepless night, the day light was hurting my eyes.
 Most of the times, we contour and highlight, that is, they go hand in hand. But, contouring and highlighting can be a real task. Highlighting on it's own can still give
you the illusion of some high points, but the overall impression would be less defined than usual.

Korean fashion has been doing this for ages to achieve that moist dewy look and like BB Cream, "strobing' is the newest import.

Then why are there so many tutorials? How to do 'strobing'?

 In terms of technique, since this look relies completely on highlighting, it has to be impeccable. What most of the makeup artists are doing is, applying cream or gel highlighters on the places where they are supposed to be and then following up with foundation. And, not prevent the foundation from dislodging the highlighter, it is stippled and not brushed on.

In short,

Usually, it is    Step 1: foundation Step 2: Highlighter.

But, for strobing, Step 1 : Highlighter Step 2: Foundation.

This creates a softer effect than usual.

So, do you have to get into all that trouble? Nah. I think, with a good quality of Highlighter/Illuminator, you can achieve just the same effect. Don't fall for big words. Just, go with your hunch!

Oh, looking back, last winter, I have always been strobing! I went without the contour, but just could not live without illuminators. I used up my Colorbar Illunating Pen in almost one and half months.

The not-so-pretty photo is just to give you an idea. It was taken after a sleepless night on a moderately cold day when my face was bloated and my skin was way too dry and life-less.

I wore, just Pond's BB cream,a bit of compact Colorbar Illuminator, a little brow color and MAC Ruby Woo.

I hope I have successfully busted the 'Strobing' legend.

Keep strobing!