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My Beauty Empties and Declutter of June-July and mini reviews: Makeup. (Part 1)

My Makeup declutter of June July, 2015.

I did receive several complaints from my friends here in the blogosphere that I have not been doing declutters regularly. Sometimes I just get so busy and then I get so lazy that the trash keeps piling up, my mum urges me to get rid of it and I get scared of the idea of having to review them each. You get the drift. If there would be a book written about my blogging life, it should be called 'Life of a Lazy Beauty Blogger'.
Beauty declutter of June July
My Trash!
Ok, Focus!

If you follow me on Facebook ( in case you don't and want to you can go to this page
here), my declutter is huge. But, since this is blog, the shorter posts do taste sweeter. So, I am putting in my makeup declutter first!
Makeup declutter of June-July 2015
I am definitely improving!
The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Lip and Cheek Tint: I have been to and fro on this! At first, I wasn't gaga on this. Eventually, I realized it's a perfect product and color to serve as cheek tint and works alright on my dry lips as well. There is an LOTD using the tint, I think.

Lily Cole Collection Hi-Shine Lip Balm/Gloss: I was gaga and I still love this! It has only a bit left and since it had expired, I had to do away with it/

Isadora Liner: I have been trying out several products from the brand and I liked most of them. I had reviewed the Lip Gloss Sticks and the Color Corrector Wheels before. Wait up for the review of this one.

Jordana Lip liners:
I had been randomly collecting these until I realized that the store had them for such a long time that these must have lost their goodness.

NYX Long Lip liner in Coffee: I used to wear it underneath the pale glosses and get most compliments. Unfortunately, this smells bad now. So, not good anymore. You should check out the review and the swatches.

Tips and Toes Lip gloss: When I had received it, I tried and loved it. But, then, I completely forgot about it. It is now smelling funky! * Sheds copious tears*. I wish I could enjoy it.

Inglot Eyeshadow base: This eyeshadow base made me fall in love with nude shadows and thence grew my obsession with simple neutral eyes. I am currently using an eyeshadow base from Isadora and it's good!

I have no idea what L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Liner is doing here because I had got rid of it. Oh, wait! I cleaned up the applicator to use it with other liners and I had completely forgotten about it and now it's gone! * cries again*!
I have also long stopped using the Mascara from L'Oreal.

Rimmel Sweet Seduction Palette: I have been holding on to it for sentimental reasons. But, it's time I get rid of it. But, the blush is perfectly fine. So, I depotted and stored it elsewhere. That it has left such ugly glue behind.

Phew! I feel so tired that I need to lie down and rest. :D :D

See you in the next one.