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Hair Spa with Himalaya Herbals and Brigette Jones' left me pampered for days! Himalaya Hair Spa activity and meeting Brigette Jones

My Experience of Himalaya Hair Spa, news and updates from Himalaya, and meeting Brigette Jones. Products used for Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa and reviews.

If you recall, I was pretty excited on September 26th because there was a bloggers' activity with Himalaya Herbals at Brigette Jones' Salon. I was pretty excited because the weeks have been hectic. So, the 'spa' couldn't have been missed. Besides, I was secretly hoping that Brigette Jones would walk in.
Kolkata Blogger| Nivedita
My Happy Hair and I!
On reaching the place, guess what? I did meet Brigette Jones! After sharing my hair concerns, we talked for some time. I was even more excited to see that the products to be used are actually the ones I
use and have already featured here!

Meeting Brigette Jones:

Interview with Brigette Jones
Enjoying my conversation
Brigette is someone, we have grown up to idolize! Since we were kids, we have learnt that this makeup artist and beauty expert is everything glamorous. I still religiously read her beauty column. When I met her, believe me or not, in her white outfit, she looked like a vision! Better to say, her beauty emanates from within and shines through. I couldn't believe that she spoke so politely, kindly and complimented everyone on everything they deserved. She even spoke nicely to her staff which is something I could not fail to notice. We discussed the Himalaya products; she shared some makeup tips, and oh, loved my makeup and outfit ( even though, since I had barely ten minutes time to get ready, it elated me!).
Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa Bloggers' Activity
Nikki is very serious about her task!
On a different note:

I also got the chance of talking to the brand manager of Himalaya Herbals. I provided him with feedback on products which he listened very attentively and I also found out some news which was exciting. My hair stylist also gave me some small tips. ( Let me share those tips and the gist of conversation with the brand manager on a separate post so that this one stays short and sweet)

Coming back to the experience of the hair spa with Himalaya Herbals products:

Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa products
Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa Bloggers' Activity
 The products are switched depending on the need. Since, I have dandruff (which doesn't show up), I was given a wonderful head massage with Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil ( Check the review here), by the lovely Nikki. She has wonderful skills and I started to relax.

After about 15 minutes of massage, my hair was washed  with Himalaya Anti-dandruff shampoo and then generous quantity of Anti-Dandruff Cream was massaged , not only on the scalp, but throughout the entire length of my hair for about fifteen minutes again. Then, I got the steam.

In the final step, this was again washed off with the shampoo and followed up with the Hair Detangler.

Finally, I was given a beautiful blow dry. 
Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa Bloggers' Activity
Beautiful Pooja from dialifestyle.com enjoying her time.

So in short,

Oil massage → shampoo → Cream massage →steam → shampoo → conditioner→ blow dry = Beautiful hair

How effective was the hair spa with the Himalya products?

Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa Bloggers' Activity and Brigette Jones
Brigette Jones and I !!
 Post blow dry, my hair was shiny, moisturized, healthy and I couldn't stop touching. My hair never looked this pretty before and I never loved it this much before.
After three days, my scalp still felt healthy and my hair looked as shiny and I am hungover in love!

Why I loved the Himalaya Herbals Hair Spa Experience even more? 

The hair spa was done with the products I have been using for a pretty long time now, and they inexpensive.

The salon speaks for itself. The good products and the skillful masseuse/stylist made a deadly combination. The entire experience has left me a very sweet aftertaste!

By the way, all the bloggers received a goodie bag from Himalaya Herbals and I am so delighted!

The return gifts.
Look at this!

Disclaimer: I have been invited by the brand as a guest to experience the products. I am not paid for this post. My opinion is uninfluenced.


  1. Just yesterday I bought the anti dandruff cream Nivedita :)


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