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Himalaya Herbals Hair Detangler: My hair needs it!

Himalaya Herbals Hair Detangler Deep conditioner, review, price.

There are products which recurrently make their way into my stash. But, somehow, I never happen to review them. Himalaya Herbals hair detangler is one of those. I have been using this for almost years now, and somehow, I never managed to review.
Himalaya Herbals Hair Detangler
Himalaya Herbals Hair Detangler
My Experience: This is an affordable product priced somewhere around Rs 165 for 150 ml,I think. Texturewise, it's very thick, creamy and moisturizing. It feels like a deep conditioner which it
actually is.

Let me warn you beforehand, it's a very thick and heavy-duty conditioner. If you have very dry hair, brace yourself for an extra boost of nourishment.

Himalaya Herbals Hair Detangler
Himalaya Herbals Hair Detangler
That said, since it is heavy, avoid using it on your scalp. Else, you might end up with itchy scalp.

What Himalaya Herbals Hair detangler does to dry hair:

  1. It does make my hair soft and shiny.
  2. Free of tangles.
  3. Controls frizz.
  4. It also feels like I have got some kind of hair spa done.

[ I think, if I got some hot blow, the conditioner would be even more effective.}

The negatives of Himalaya Herbals Hair detangler:

You must avoid using it near the scalp. Else, dandruff might be aggravated and scalp may turn itchy.

That said, I love this detangler. I thought I did not, but over time, I realized, when I really need something heavy duty for my hair, I keep turning towards this. That speaks volumes; doesn't it?


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