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Kiehl's Grooming Aid Formula 133 makes my hair go Ooh-la-la! ( Read till the end)

Kiehl's Formula 133 review, photo, price, cheaper alternative.

My fine and frizzy hair acts so crazy that even though I normally stick to drugstore brands, I wanted to give something from the higher end a try. At that time, I was talking to the SA at Kiehl's the SA  suggested my to try their Grooming Aid Formula 133.

Kiehl's Formula 133
Kiehl's Formula 133
What is Kiehl's Formula 133? It is actually a 'runny' hair conditioner which can be used a a regular conditioner, as well as a leave in, or before styling the hair and that would make the hair soft and everything nice.

And, above everything else, even if it is used on fine hair, it would not weigh down.

My Experience of Kiehl's  Formula 133:

 Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything out of it. I simply did not know what to expect because, plenty of times, have I seen tall claims from brands, only to break my heart!

When I took it out, I found, a translucent product which feels moisturizing, but not exactly oily. On applying it to my wet-damp hair, it completely melted and spread around like a regular conditioner in the shower does. I wondered if I can leave all that in my hair. BUT, soon after, my hair dried and it did feel soft and more manageable and less frizzy and dry.
In the beginning, I have been using too less of the product. Eventually, I figured out, that I need a generous quantity compared to the other leave ins.

( During the drier days, I still touch up the lower half of my hair with Matrix Hair Serum.)

In short,
What I liked?
  • Comes in good quantity. I have been using it oft and on for a few months and continuously for the last four or five months. I need about two hazel nut size quantity for my hair which is reaches below the small of my back.And, I am still left with about half of the bottle.
  • Makes my hair soft. I have noticed, that if I lightly blow out my hair when it is almost dry, my hair looks shinier.
  • It never weighed down my hair.
  • Never irritated my scalp.
  • It does tame my frizz-ball ( hair).
  • No strong scent.

What I dislike?
Ummm, nothing. really nothing.

 I like what Formula 133 does to my hair. It does not make it greasy, or overtly moisturized weighing it down, it doesn't smell strongly of anything, moreover, it can be used before a blow dry.
250 ml for 1190 INR, or around Rs 1200/- is something I wouldn't mind anymore, given how it suits my hair

Do I recommend? I usually, do not say that an expensive product is a 'must have', but for me it is. If money is not an object, go for it. As such, a bottle would last you for ages.

An alternative to Kiehl's Formula 133: 

I also love the Garnier oil-in-cream which acts almost like this one, and is slightly even more moisturizing. But it has a very strong scent which bothers me. If you can stand that scent, you have hit another jackpot!

Shall I repurchase? Oh yes! I am definitely going back for a second bottle of Kiehl's Formula 133 until I find something even better.

Have you used Kiehl's Formula 133? Do you use leave in conditioners? What would you recommend?