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My Envy Box of September 2015: Samples, review and a great, satisfactory service!

My Envy Box of September,2015: Review, samples, damaged product replacement.

For some time, I have been actually gloating over how nice My Envy Box Subscription has actually become. Since, my last month's box was so amazing, I was looking forward to what they had to offer this month as well. So, when My Envy Box of September 2015 arrived, I kind of tore it open ( actually) and to my delight, apart from a deluxe sized sample of Davidoff, there was a full sized lisptick! How amazing is that?
My Envy Box of September 2015
My Envy Box of September 2015

So,What's inside My Envy Box of September 2015?

My Envy Box of September 2015 Samples
My Envy Box of September 2015

A deluxe Davidoff Woman Shower gel ( 75ml): I love shower gels FYI and sometimes, I even wash my hair with those! This is a huge size. The full size of this shower gel comes for Rs 1800. Do, the math! yes, it is in itself worth Rs900.

Catrice Lipstick: Mine was completely deformed and I wouldn't have been able to use it at all! ( Here is something I NEED to tell you ladies. So, hang on).

A Face wash from ZA: These tiny tubes always come handy, especially, when the man is in town and I keep a little kit at his place. ( I might want to do a post on make and skincare I keep at his place).

4 Sachets of Estee Lauder anti-agening cream: I am so glad that instead of one sachet ( like they used to put in earlier), they have thoughfully included more to give a few uses.

My Envy Box of September 2015
My Envy Box of September 2015
Since My Catrice lipstick was such a mess, I was at a loss about what to do about it. My previous experience with product replacement wasn't that good. But, then MEB, was in its nascent state. So, reluctantly, I brought this to the team's notice and guess what? Within two days, I received a tiny box and there was a new lipstick! Isn't that amazing? 
My Envy Box of September 2015: Catrice Lipstick
My Envy Box of September 2015: Catrice Lisptick

Verdict: My Envy Box of September was exciting, but it was less exciting than the August Box. But that it mean it is bad? No. These subscription boxes cannot be of uniform kind, but it is still value for money, still full of excitement and yes, of products you would actually enjoy. In fact, I myself have started using all the high end samples from the boxes(with which I have started my Quick sample reviews here) and I am greatly enjoying ( which I did not expect either).

I am even impressed with the replacement. Now, I understand that I am beauty-blogger and may be, I would have privileges. But, I think this quality of service is not really exclusive to us because, if I look at this company, I have noticed, they do not come up with false claims. If they are putting in a comparatively less expensive foreign brand, they would quote the right price and not some bizarre marked up one which I feel is very honest and ethical of them.

So, am I happy with My Envy Box of September 2015? Yes, I am. In fact, I would encourage everyone to give this a try. And if you want to subscribe, subscribe for at least three months so that you get the fair chance to your excitement.

The Box was sent to me by the brand. But, that does not influence my opinion.