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Dove Sensitive Soap Bar

Dove Sensitive Skin Soap Bathing bar, fragrance free, photo, review, price.

I enjoy good facial cleansers and my! I use various kinds depending on my skin's need. It has been a very long time since I have used a soap bar for face.

Dove Sensitive Soap Bar
Dove Sensitive Soap Bar
So, the sight of new Dove Sensitive Soap Bars excited me because I thought I could use something heavy duty in case I need. hence, I used Dove Sensitive for my face.

I am too finicky about cleaning my face. rather, I always get it squeaky clean. I have various sets of skin-cleansing rituals and one in particular needs a bit of strong cleanser in the final step. Since Dove Sensitive is supposed to be mild and for sensitive skin, I wanted to particularly try it out.
Dove Sensitive Soap Bar
Dove Sensitive Soap Bar
If you had seen the unveiling of the box, you might have noticed a piece of literature inside. or did I
remove it? Anyway, there was this quiz and I realized that yes, my skin is actually sensitive which is why it reacts to mildest change in the weather as well.

My experience of Dove Sensitive Soap Bar:

Dove Sensitive Soap Bar
Dove Sensitive Soap Bar
The bar looks like any other Dove soap bar. On using, it felt the same. Only, the mild scent was missing which is exactly what sensitive skinned people need. I have used it for a few days at night when I needed to take everything off my face ( the dirt and grime and finally the cleansing milk), it did a wonderful job.

Yes, my skin felt dry and stretchy as it does, even after simply splashing my face with water. But, my acne condition ( now in control) was not aggravated. I am happy with that.

On my part, I like Dove Sensitive Bathing Bar as a good facial bar, even though I would have preferred slightly scented one because, the scent it has ( not the added one, but the natural one) is what doesn't give me an extra dose of happiness. But the idea is to keep it free from scents. So, no complaints here.

  • Heavy-duty cleanser.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Doesn't aggravate acne.
  • Doesn't have any added scent.
  • Affordable at Rupees 32 for 75 grams.

None yet.

Do I recommend? Since it is actually a 'bathing bar' and not a 'facial bar', if you want to use it for face, use your own discretion. But, for your body, yes, go ahead.