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Dr. Oetker's Funfood Salsa Dip: Get your Salsa and Nachos in a jiffy

Nachos and salsa at home| Dr. Oetker's Funfood salsa dip review, price.

Everytime I go to a multiplex, I am always drawn by two things -- Cheese flavoured pop corn and nachos with salsa. Sometimes, these two acts as incentives of watching movies. Beat that!
I have been using Funfood sauces for a long time now... yes, right when they had made their appearance I think with their mayonnaise and pizza sauce.. So, when they introduced their new Salsa, I was pretty delighted.
Funfood Salsa Sauce
Funfood salsa with Nachos

 My Experience of Dr. Oetker's Funfood Salsa Sauce:

I love the taste. I have not tried a pure Mexican salsa yet. So, I cannot comment on if this tastes real. But, what I get is what I like here. The salsa is not too hot ( we are Indians. Yeah!) , but the right dose
of jalapenos make it so tasty! This dip with hot nachos threw me off my diet restrictions. Not good Funfood! LOL.
Salsa and chicken fries
Lightly fried chicken with Salsa served with fruits.

My mother, when she tried it for the first time, did not seem to be much fond of it. But, the next time I served it with some chicken fries, I was aghast to see that she had actually eaten up about one fourth of it!! Holy Moly!
In spite of being over-zealous with the Salsa, we did not experience any discomfort. Now that salsa is easily available in most grocery stores and is priced at 99 Rupees.

Funfood Salsa
How delicious does it look?

 I am going to go and happily catch up on my favourite TV shows with some nachos and salsa.

Do you snack while watching TV? What do you like doing?