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My Envy Box of November, 2015: A fall from grace.

My Envy Box of November 2015 samples, photo, review.

Over the last few months, My Envy Box ( The boxes of more than past one year have been featured here). had completely swooned me off my feet. So, I was so eagerly looking forward to this month. I received it and on seeing the box, I was so happy with the design and the color.

My Envy Box of November 2015
My Envy Box of November, 2015
 On Opening, it felt as if it were packed with goodies. I reached in and found some tiny samples. I thought they must be the bonus and started fishing in the wooden shavings. I dug around, but no, that was
it! What?
My Envy Box of November, 2015
My Envy Box of November, 2015
 Imagine receiving a huge gift box and after opening, you find something really tiny. It just pricks the balloon of joy! Precisely that was my reaction.

My Envy Box of November, 2015 samples
My Envy Box of November, 2015 Samples

What's inside My Envy Box of November 2015? Let me begin,

Bioderma Sensibo Oil H2O: There were three samples, supposedly 10 ml each. Cumulatively they should make 30 ml? A tiny bottle would have been better and easy to carry while travelling. But wait! One of the sachets doesn't even have 10 ml of the fluid.

Bioderma Sensibo H2O Oil samples
Check out the fluid levels

  If you take a closer look, you can see, it is more than half empty and no, there was no leakage.

Natio Face Mask ( 20 ml) : I can still get a few uses out of it. But that's the only other deluxe sample.

Wella Luxe Oil: While I am glad to receive it, but 2X2=4ml . That's it? Huh?

Chloe perfume sample: I like these tiny vials which I carry everywhere. But do I really want it to be a part of the main samples? No.

There's something additional. A bracelet from a shop called NIMAI: Whereas it reminds me of Nimai, or Sri Chaitanya ( I think they might be inspired because of the bead design), the beads look absolutely cheap, uneven and of poor quality.

Signs of utter negligence is everywhere:

My Envy Box of November, 2015
 I wonder while packing this box, how no one even noticed that the product quantity in a sample was so less. I am also extremely disappointed about the samples and their sizes. It feels as if My Envy Box has exhausted it's inventory or simply run out of ideas.
Height of negligence, look at the spelling of 'Receive'. Typographical error is acceptable if there's a lot of literature involved. But seriously? In a subscription box which means business? Is it that hard to proof-read?

Final Word: My Envy Box had been making steady improvements and they had
become extremely impressive... I actually have been going gaga! Just when I started recommending, they fell from grace. Unless they are consistent with their samples, and in case they run out of ideas, they fill up the boxes with greater quantity to keep up the excitement, I do not know if I should recommend. One month if it's exciting and if on seeing that you subscribe only to waste your hard-earned money --  even I would be disappointed and get back to the blogger with an angry note ( may be or may be not). But, such inconsistencies must be done away with.

Product by the brand. Honest review.