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Unboxing My Envy Box of October: The Second Anniversary Box.

My Envy Box of October 2015: Samples inside the second anniversary MEB, photo, review, price, My Envy Box Coupon.

I know I am perhaps the last person on this planet to be this late in posting what I ideally ought to post earlier.
Unboxing My Envy Box of October
My Envy Box of October
But, the month of October had been extremely difficult for me. ( Shall tell you about it in a different post.) But, on a different note, everything I got in the month turned out to be excellent! Like all other
months, this month also, I received My Envy Box of October.

My Envy Box of October
My Envy Box of October
I was looking forward to it because lately My Envy Box has been doing a great job with their samples. The boxes are not only value for money, but, my readers can get them at even lesser price. On using the code 'CHITCHAT', you can get flat discount of 15% on anything. This one is useful especially if you want only one box to try or just a product or few. But, if you want to subscribe for more than one month, I strongly suggest to use the coupons available on the site.

On opening the box, I just gasped! First, my father wanted the box itself! Even my relatives now happily take the boxes from me so that they can use these pretty boxes. But, my father has been constantly reminding that he would take the box. :D :D

As for the contents... Are you kidding me? This is just HUGE! Awesome! I don't know what exactly to say because I have been doing a jiggy! If you see this, you would know why.

First and foremost, I am going to include the pretty box in the list as well.
My Envy Box of October
My Envy Box of October
 The box is white with beautiful design printed on it. They are not just boring boxes. I love how the brand has been curating the designs so that, if I am using these boxes around the house, they wouldn't look boring. How much prettier can a box get? I was also in love with the August Box with that typical Indian design.
Kerastase Repair Ultime Shampoo ( 80 ml worth 750 Rupees): Aaaaah! What a start!

Kerastase hair Mask worth 1350 Rupees approx. : I am just elated! Now that my hair is so dry and brittle and I am changing the way I take care, this couldn't have come in a more apt time.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm worth 750 Rupees: I have always wanted to try Burt's Bees' products. Somehow, I could never lay my hands on them.

L'Occitane Shower Gel worth around 700 Rupees: I love body washes and this looks so pretty.

A tiny sample of Za Emulsion: This one is a tiny bonus. But, I love them because if I am travelling, I avoid carrying full size products.

The box, which usually comes for 850 INR, can be bought for 722 INR instead by using the coupon code mentioned above. If you don't want to use it, that's just fine. But, this is really a value for money box and I think you should subscribe. This box is worth some 3500 INR and I am just delighted!

My Verdict: I have to be raving mad if I said I did not like My Envy Box of October.

If you have not subscribed, do that right now. Try at least one box. I guess you would not be disappointed.