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Typhoo Tea India comes to Calcutta: My experience of Typhoo Teas

The launch of Typhoo Tea India| Typhoo Tea Flavours available in India, price, buy.

With our lifestyle, we do need to adapt. And by that, I don't mean adapting to fast foods. I, on my part, try to incorporate a little healthy of something. I have always been a hardcore tea-drinker. Now, when I say that, I mean it very seriously. I had got into the habit of drinking tea very early in my life. On seeing how green teas minimize my skin woes, I try taking them very regularly. 
Orange infused Green Tea mocktail
Those colorful mocktails!

Eventually, I started experimenting with other herbals teas and infusions. I particularly like Chamomile because it not only helps me sleep better, but, hot Chamomile tea actually helps with menstrual cramps. In short, if it's tea, I am always in.

Typhoo Tea Variants
Isn't this interesting?
So, when Typhoo India decided to showcase its products at Swabhumi, Calcutta, I got excited. Quite a few bloggers from Calcutta were invited. On reaching the venue, instead of hot cups, there was something interesting -- Green-tea mocktails which you can switch up into cocktails of course! And I loved the idea because, sometimes, on sultry summer days, wish I could take my tea in some more interesting manner. Or, switch to something cold. I am bored and tired of milkshakes ( too much of which doesn't work well on my tummy).
Green Tea from Typhoo
The Tea Box

I tried their Green-tea mojito, orange infusion cocktail ( which was delicious. I was extremely thirsty and it felt like heaven.)Interestingly, I also located a lot of interesting infusions. I was intrigued by the

Blueberry green tea, Coconut infusion and some others as well. I am not sure how those would taste. But, I am mostly interested about the orange infusion.
Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers from India
The beautiful Bloggers! Guess our names?
 The only reason I do not like regular cold teas is because of the high sugar content and I don't like much sugar in my drinks.I have also got the recipe of making the orange mocktail. I would try it out with and without sugar and if it turns out as amazing, I am definitely updating the recipe with you.

Assorted tea Boxes Typhoo

What do you think of the green tea mocktails/cocktails? Do you like herbals teas?