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Spotted! Maybelline Fit Me Collection and more.

Maybelline India Fit me Matte+Poreless Foundation,Fit Me Concealer, Fit Me Compact Powder, Maybelline Hyper matte Liquid Liner, price, V-Wash Wipes.

I have been wondering why I wasn't seeing something from Maybelline India anymore, especially, since they are always launching and withdrawing products and always keeping things very exciting. I needed a matte liner and had the Maybelline Gel Liner in mind. But, on reaching, I was greeted by the Maybelline Fit Me Collection!
Maybelline Fit Me Collection
Maybelline Fit Me Collection

They have launched,

 Maybelline Fit Me matte+Poreless Foundation in SIX shades. Rs 525.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation all shades
Maybelline Fit MeMatte+ Poreless Foundation in India all shades

Maybelline Fit Me Concealers in 3 shades, Around Rs 500.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealers India all shades
Maybelline Fit Me Concealers

Maybelline Fit Me Blushes in 3 shades Rs 400.

Maybelline Fit Me Compacts in 4 shades  Around Rs 475.

Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powders
Maybelline Fit Me Compact powders all shades

Maybelline Hyper Matte Liner. Rs 325  . 

 If you like Maybelline Hyperglossy liners but are tired by the glossy finish, here's your 'thang'!

Maybelline Hypermatte Liquid Liner
Maybelline Hypermatte Liquid Liner
I couldn't help but buy Maybelline Fit Me Poreless+Matte Foundation which I am thoroughly enjoying, 1 Gel Liner and a Hypermatte Liner. I am also going back for the concealers again and I also NEED a mascara since the one I am using is getting pretty old and unfit for use.

Maybelline Latest purchase
My tiny essentials

I also spotted VWash Wipes. I know, I never spoke about feminine hygiene before. But, I am extremely finicky about personal hygiene and on days when I stay out for a long time and use common/public

VWash Wipes
VWash Wipes
toilets, I always get much bothered. These wipes seem to be my wish come true. Mind, these are not very cheap. But, I got BOGO on promotion at Spencer's Hypers.

I have a massive makeup haul. Stay tuned for it.