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Paper Boat drinks Aamras, Aaam Panna, Kokum review.

Paper Boat drinks Aamras, Aaam Panna, Kokum review.

Paper Boat drinks
Paper Boat drinks variants
 Sometime ago, I showed you guys the cute sack of Paper Boat drinks which travelled to my door. Now
that I have had most of them, here's my review of the three.

Paper Boat drinks aamras
Paper Boat drinks Aamras

Paper Boat Drinks Aamras review:

I am always drawn towards mango. No wonder it is called ' amrit fal'. On taking the first sip, I was quite surprised because it tasted like real mango juice without added sugar. I liked it a lot. But, since it does not contain added sugar, it might not leave the pleasant aftertaste which a suger-added mango drink would otherwise leave. But, I am happy since I don't like added sugar in my juices.

Paper Boat Drinks Aam Panna Review:

Paper Boat drinks Kokum and Aam Panna
Paper Boat drinks Kokum and Aam Panna
I love Am pannas. Who does like flame roasted green mango mash with garnishings on a hot summer day? Even the thought of it is making me crave for some.

I was quite dubious about how it would taste because not many packaged aam pannas taste good. But, the first sip made me want more and I quickly drant\k up the rest.

I love the aam panna.

Paper Boat Drinks  Kokum Review:

I have heard that kokum is native to the Western Ghats. But, it has never been widely distributed across India. Since, I enjoy all kind of fruits and fruit juices, on learning that it is an indigenous fruit, I was pretty excited. I was expecting it to be too sour with metallic taste ( don't know why). But, on the contrary, the blend of mild spices and everything tempered the tang and resulted in a beautiful-looking, berry-like drink which I fell for.

Paper Boat drinks
Paper Boat drinks Kokum and Aam Panna

Since the price of these juices range between Rs15- Rs 30, they are affordable. I have seen them sold at the bigger grocery stores which is even better.

PS: The juices do not contain bio-engineered products. Most of these are
gluten-free (read the back). But, not all are completely natural. I am glad that they have mentioned on the packs which do not contain 'all natural products'.

So, you can choose without any doubt.

AND, don't miss the cute little confessions/tiny recollections of childhood days at the back.

Somehow, I appreciate the graphics very much. They make me feel so happy.

The packs of juices were sent to me for trial. This is not a sponsored post and my review is not influenced.