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Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review.

Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review, price.

I love Nivea products. Period. The other day, I went to the store to but a few things and I noticed the new Nivea Lip Balm Tubes. Even though I have a zillion lip balms in my stock, I couldn't really let it pass. Not me please. 
Nivea Fruity Lip Care
Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review.
I located two variants and on seeing they come at affordable price point, I bought both.

My Experience of Nivea Fruity Lip Care:

Long time ago, I had come across Dr. Lips , a lip balm. I couldn't find it anymore. It was made by Paras Pharmacy, the same brand which makes Krack Cream. It was THE BEST lipbalm ever. Nivea Fruity
Lip Care is the same!
Can I have a moment of joy here? LOL.
Nivea Fruity Lip Care
Nivea Fruity Lip Care
Speaking of Nivea Fruity Lip Care, it is colorless and has mild scent of strawberry. Thank goodness! I don't like strong strawberry scent in my lip balms, or any scent for that matter.
The texture is soft, but thick and non-sticky. On spreading on the lips, it does not melt, but sits on the lips.
The lips not only heal, but you can feel the hydration. If you use Nivea cream Classic, you would see, the cream, after being massaged into the skin, suddenly starts getting hydrated, and on touching you can actually feel the moisture. This is a similar case.

Nivea Fruity Lip Care
Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review.
On pursing the lips together, there's no stickiness, but I feel the moisture.

Result of using Nivea Fruity Lip Care:

My lips become so soft and the dry flakes are molten off. On morning, I wake up without any discomfort and even after the balm is gone, my lips remain moist for hours.
It actually feels like what Emily Noel, the beauty vlogger on YouTube would call, "sweat pants for lips".

Do I recommend?

Grab a tube of Nivea Fruity Lip Care as fast as you can.

Shall I Repurchase?
Definitely yes!

Price and Quantity: Rupees 45 for 10 ml.

Have you tried Nivea Fruity Lip Care? Do you like Nivea Lip products? Share your views please.